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To:klay@enron.com, tedkheel@aol.com
Subject:re: WTO Qatar Meeting and UN General Assembly
Date:Fri, 26 Oct 2001 08:16:38 -0700 (PDT)

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October 25, 2001

Mr. Kenneth L. Lay
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Enron Corporation

Dear Mr. Lay:

The Earth Times/Conference News Daily has been invited to publish daily print
and Web editions at the upcoming Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade
Organization in Doha, November 9-13, 2001. These daily editions--which will
supplement WTO and Qatar's extraordinary efforts to ensure the success of the
meeting--will be distributed to delegates each morning at their hotels, and
also at the Doha Conference Center. As you know, this critical meeting will
consider the admission of China, and also decide on launching a new round of
trade talks. It will attract thousands of top officials from government,
industry, diplomacy, as well as media representatives.

We will also simultaneously publish daily editions in New York, as the United
Nations General Assembly reopens its fall meeting cancelled on September 11,
and hosts heads-of-state from November 10-16. President George W. Bush will
lead world leaders in signaling a renewed drive against terrorism and launch
a new initiative to jump-start global economic growth.

Our newspaper will be the paper of record at both the WTO and General
Assembly meetings. It is guaranteed to reach all participants, many of whom
are eager readers from our coverage of major international conferences for
more than a decade, including UN gatherings and the annual meeting of the
World Economic Foorum in Davos, Switzerland. Our not-for-profit newspaper has
made a mark as an independent, nonpartisan editorial voice on international
economic, environmental and social issues. Our Chairman and Publisher is Mr.
Theodore W. Kheel, the eminent lawyer and mediator.

We plan to publish a total of ten daily editions in print and on the Web from
November 8 through 17. We would very much like to invite Enron to sponsor
these special editions either fully or in part, and to use our publication as
an effective means of conveying your position on the critical issues that
will be discussed to the audiences in Qatar and New York in a position to do
something about them. Our overall budget for both the WTO and General
Assembly meetings is US$150,000.

Enron could contribute any amount it wishes. In exchange, you will get
front-page mention each day, plus a four-color ad in every issue.

I would be most obliged for your consideration. Please be assured of the
utmost cooperation of our newspaper and myself.

With thanks again for your continuing support, and my highest personal

Yours sincerely,
Editor-in-Chief and President

Pranay Gupte
President and Editor-in-Chief
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