Enron Mail

Subject:sale of power plant in India
Date:Thu, 8 Nov 2001 19:32:07 -0800 (PST)

To Mr. Ken Lay, Chairman, Enron, Houston
From: Sam Kannappan P.E., 11415 Sagemorgan Drive, Houston, TX 77089
Camp: Washingtin 301 897-3488 Houston Home 281-484-2270, Fax 281 922-1859

Dear Mr. Lay:
Sub: Sale of Power Plant in India

I met you in your office with rev. James Dixon regarding earthquake in India.
I came to Washington to see Honorable Prime Minister of India today.

After reading in Nov. 12th issue of Business Week, I talked with Ambassador of
India regarding sale of power plant built by Enron India. He said that
discussions are going on in Singapore. Hon. Prime Minister will be in
Washington Friday also.

If you would like to pursue selling the power plant in India to Tatas or any
other party soon, please email or have your office call me at Washington
contact phone number 301 897-3488 Friday. I will be back in Houston Sunday

I have also met Dr. Boyce who lives in your complex on 28th floor, 2121 Kirby.
We both are working on Fundraising for fallen Fire Fighter Jack Janhke,
Woodway station number 2.

Sam Kannappan P.E.
India's Disaster Relief Commitee &
Defend Houston Advisory Board &
Texas Realestate Broker