Enron Mail

Subject:thank you
Date:Thu, 8 Nov 2001 08:47:06 -0800 (PST)


I feel terrible in writing this email to inform you that I am leaving Enron.
The timing of my departure is purely coincidental to the timing of the recent

It has been a special and rewarding privilege to work at Enron over the past
three and a half years. The integrity and high purpose you stand for is a
personal inspiration to me. Seeing your leadership first-hand has been a
real treat.

Receiving the Chairman's Award last year was an incredible honor. It is
difficult for me to feel truly deserving of it because of the sheer numbers
of amazingly dedicated, yet unrecognized heroes I have met at Enron. I have
the greatest admiration of them and draw my inspiration from them.

One regret in leaving is that there will be those at Enron who will use my
departure as more negative fodder to taint the company image. I wouldn't
ever wish that on you, especially in light of the recent challenges you are
experiencing. So I apologize if that does come to pass.

One factor in my departure has been my disappointment with personnel abuses
I've observed with EES' origination management. There is a general feeling
of despair because the management chain looks the other way and the concept
of an "open door" is political suicide. H.R. is as much at fault in my
opinion because they side with management as opposed to taking an objective
view and judgement of the abuses. My words and credibility may not carry
any weight as I too have been victimized by the character assassination
that is all too common at EES.

Though my emotions run high when I think about the injustices to good employees
(and lost potential benefit to Enron), I leave with no bad feelings toward the company
and am proud to have been a part of Enron.

The shift in EES' business model had resulted in my taking on a new role this
past spring. Being based outside of Houston (in the Chicago area), my career
opportunities are limited. And as much as I tried, I was feeling stale and
unfulfilled in this new role and decided that it would be better for me to
move on.

Ken, I believe in you and wish you success and redemption through this difficult
time. I wish that I could have done more.

If I can ever help, I hope that you won't hesitate to ask. Thank you again.


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