Enron Mail

Subject:thought you might be interested in this alliance with AOL TW
Date:Tue, 23 Oct 2001 09:37:53 -0700 (PDT)

I am emailing in the hopes of having an opportunity to talk if you are int=
erested in the following possibility -- AOL Time Warner has given us a gre=
at opportunity to spotlight the organizations that are providing systemic =
responses to 9-11 (not just relief efforts) so that these organizations ca=
nnot be left cold by the shadow of the American Red Cross but that they in=
stead can receive support at this critical time. =20
Below is what I sent to AOL TW in response to their invitation for the wor=
k described below and their great offer to feature us on their site and ww=
w.libertyunites.org . I wanted to talk with you because AOL TW and I want=
to know if you can join AOL TW and support this initiative.
If possible, please let me know if we can talk sometime soon. Thanks for =
considering this.
In the wake of the events of September 11, the generosity of individuals,=
foundations and businesses has never been more evident. The response to =
Sept. 11 has begun to shift from a "relief" effort to efforts that address=
the systemic changes that are needed for societal conditions to improve. =
Now more than ever, social investors will be looking for organizations th=
at address both the root causes of social problems and create sustainable =
social change. At this time, the American Red Cross continues to be delug=
ed with support; but what about the organizations that live in the shadow =
of the Red Cross? The Red Cross and similar organizations are doing outst=
anding work when they are needed most -- now other organizations are movin=
g beyond the immediate relief efforts of feeding, clothing, housing the vi=
ctims and are recognizing that there are new or exacerbated problems that =
have been stirred up by Sept. 11.
For example, there are numerous organizations protecting civil liberties, =
providing counseling, preparing communities for future disasters, and assi=
sting displaced workers:
organizations, such as the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, are steppin=
g up their efforts to combat racial profiling that has begun and is leadin=
g to the harassment of people who look of Middle Eastern descent; =20
organizations are supporting this same constituency when they are the vict=
ims of hate crimes that have been perpetrated as a backlash to September 1=
1. =20
children are in need of counseling as a result of their personal fears or =
fears for their parents and family; =20
organizations, such as Operation USA, are recruiting and deploying counsel=
ors trained in post-traumatic stress to areas where needed;=20
efforts are underway to enhance community preparedness for acts of terrori=
sm in their communities (such as evacuation procedures); and =20
organizations, such as Career Gear, are assisting low-income workers who l=
ost their jobs as a result of Sept. 11 and now need career counseling, app=
ropriate interview clothing and job retention services so they do not fall=
into the spiral of welfare. (Please note that each of the organizations =
mentioned above are SeaChange members).

These are just a few examples among many efforts that have commenced to re=
spond to the call for change and not just service. Life will never be the=
same. These organizations are working to see that it will in fact be bet=
ter. But, unfortunately, they are not known by most philanthropists, foun=
dations or businesses. In fact, we have heard from organizations that som=
e businesses are pulling back from commitments to these smaller organizati=
ons to associate with the larger organizations providing rescue, relief an=
d recovery services. These lesser-known organizations, who are doing crit=
ical social change work, need to feel the philanthropic winds in their sai=
ls too so they can make progress toward much needed change.
Many funds have been created to earmark money for the Sept. 11 response, b=
ut the recipients of a significant portion of those monies have not yet be=
en identified. Companies have, for example, set aside several million dol=
lars and have earmarked half or more for the Red Cross, but still have not=
decided what to do with the rest of the funds. For these Funds, for www.=
helping.org and www.libertyunites.org , and for social investors in our =
network, SeaChange is uniquely positioned to become the source of informat=
ion of organizations that are moving beyond relief efforts and are focused=
on the systemic changes necessary for conditions to improve. On their be=
half, SeaChange can directly approach the administrators of these Funds an=
d other social investors to make them aware of these overlooked change org=
anizations. =20
The mission of SeaChange is to connect entrepreneurial nonprofits with res=
ources for sustainable social change. We will do just that by spotlightin=
g the very organizations that can have an impact not only today, but tomor=
row as well. For social investors, we will provide them with detailed in=
formation about a broad menu of screened organizations working to effect s=
ocial change not only in response to Sept. 11 but also in response to the =
changed environment in which we now live. SeaChange also provides these p=
otential supporters with an easy way to search for organizations that meet =
their giving specifications. Additionally, they can be notified of organiz=
ations that meet their criteria -- doing all of this anonymously if they c=
hoose to. And, as discussed above, we will not only do this online, but =
offline as well by advocating to various Fund adminstrators. As a resul=
t, SeaChange will effectively and efficiently connect those who are seekin=
g support at this critical time with those who are looking to give their s=
Jim Pitofsky
San Francisco,CA =20
(415) 291-9900
jim@sea-change.org http://www.sea-change.org