Enron Mail

Subject:wealth management, taxes from diversifying personal portfolio, introducing myCFO
Cc:art@mycfo.com, dwells@mycfo.com, jimb@barksdalegroup.com, chambers@cisco.com
Bcc:art@mycfo.com, dwells@mycfo.com, jimb@barksdalegroup.com, chambers@cisco.com
Date:Thu, 27 Sep 2001 23:38:58 -0700 (PDT)

Hi again, Ken.

First, I hope you, your family, loved ones and friends were not hurt in the tragic attacks this month. And thank you for sharing with me your views on California's energy crisis, and also the challenge of global warming. I hope we can work together on these issues.

I'm writing to introduce you to myCFO, a venture where many of my partners use (and love) the services. John Chambers, Jim Barksdale and I serve on the board. myCFO is a unique wealth advisory firm for high net worth individuals. Particularly at this time -- in turbulent markets, and before the close of the tax year -- we think myCFO might be of value to you and your family.

While you may have a team working full-time managing your assets, we've found myCFO can add important value to an existing advisors or a family office.
myCFO provides advanced tax planning, investment advisory, estate planning and philanthropic services to several dozen clients who have significant dedicated teams in place. These clients choose to work with myCFO because of the unique expertise of myCFO's professionals -- leaders in their fields, each averaging over 15 years of experience in serving affluent individuals. myCFO is able to leverage their constant exposure to the relatively few U.S.families facing wealth management issues at their level -- particularly at critical decision points.
Most of myCFO'sclients are insiders in public companies who have, and are concerned with effectively diversifying concentrated positions. myCFO regularly developsand implementssophisticated asset diversification and effective tax minimization strategies for their clients. They are really personal financial innovators.
Our experience is that a 60 minute meeting with myCFO -- a "get to know you" and "high level diagnostic" is well worth the time.
May I ask Art Shaw, myCFO's CEO, to give you a call?
best to you, your team, and your loved ones,
John Doerr