Enron Mail

Subject:where to test suspecious letters in Houston?
Date:Sat, 20 Oct 2001 13:02:50 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Advisory Committee Members:
Please see the email below. The Secretary of Sri Meenakshi Temple (Hindu temple) received a suspecious letter. He was trying to get it tested. But he was not successful. If you know any specific agency in Houston who will test the letters, please email back phone number to call other than 911 or City Police Dept.. In Woodlands, the Hospital announced to call the police rather than taking the letter to Hospital emergency room (the lady's action closed ER).
Sam Kannappan P.E.
cell 713 724-4399
Fax 281 922-1859
Dear Kannappan
I talked to you about that letter received; I tried to have it tested for Anthrax;
I tried our SE Memorial Lab for a nasal swab from me: No; We don't accept specoimens; try city Health
I spoke to City Health Epidemiologist: No We dont accept raw speicmens; Haz Mat is supposed to handle all that; Or try some private labs
I spoke to Memorial sytems chief Pathologist; He reassured me that it is very unlikely and no need to do anything
I called Houstin Fire department Head Quaters to test that letter; After several trials got a voice mail and left message few days ago; No reply
It seems that Houston is nothing but ready; They are talking about Home kids to test suspicious letters, but in Houston there is no clear direction; Bayshore ER got directions to get nasal swab and start Cipro; Memorial Pathologist saays NO nasal swab
If you know how I can test that letter let me know
P. Vaduganathan M.D.