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BYOBroadcast <info@byobroadcast.00b.net< on 04/09/2001 03:43:16 PM
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Subject: BYOBroadcast now provides complete Email Marketing solution - With



Email Campaign Management ASP to Offer Customers the Ability to Add Audio
Capabilities to their Email Communications Programs

Streaming Audio Solutions Developer to Provide Clients with Highly Scalable,
Customizable Email Capabilities

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Methuen, Mass & Woburn, Mass - 9 April 2001 - Britemoon, a leading provider
of ASP-based email marketing software and BYOBroadcast, a leading developer
of streaming audio solutions, today announced that they have signed an
agreement to strategically integrate and resell their respective services.

Britemoon is a self-service email marketing solution designed to target
prospects, personalize messages, execute campaigns, track and analyze results
and generate real-time reports. Britemoon's intuitive interface enables
marketers to conduct sophisticated online direct marketing campaigns easily
and affordably. Britemoon's clients include leading direct marketing
agencies such as Digitas, Directech/Emerge and Harpell, as well as end-users
such as Homeruns.com.

BYOBroadcast provides streaming audio solutions to businesses that want to
increase profitability and market share through the use of rich media over
the Internet. BYOBroadcast currently provides audio solutions for over 70
customers worldwide, including Warner Music, the President of Panama,
Audible.com, and the LPGA.

Together the two companies will be able to offer marketers a powerful,
media-rich solution to create and execute high-impact email messages for
customer communications and marketing campaigns.

"We are pleased to be partnering with BYOBroadcast - a customer-focused
leader in the rich media technology sector," said Philip Chischportich,
Britemoon CEO. "Adding audio capabilities to their email campaigns will
enable our customers to achieve even greater profitability from their email
marketing programs."

"Adding audio to email personalizes the recipient's experience and has been
shown to dramatically increase response rates," said BYOBroadcast CEO Ben
Krysiak. "We're proud to offer Britemoon's service to our customer base - to
further enhance their ability to increase revenues and market share by
differentiating themselves from their competition."

About Britemoon

Britemoon was founded in 2000 by industry executives who recognized the need
to provide small and medium size businesses with an affordable, yet robust
solution to conduct targeted email campaigns. Britemoon's intuitive user
interface provides everything needed to develop, execute and measure a
successful campaign. As a WebAwards winner and MIMC Award finalist in 2000,
Britemoon was recognized for its design and function above and beyond the
standard of excellence for email marketing web sites. For more information
visit www.britemoon.com.

About BYOBroadcast

BYOBroadcast is the leading developer and Application Service Provider for
professional and end-user contributed media storage and retrieval. Our
service is offered as a complete hosted solution, so that customers need no
additional investment in hardware or software infrastructure. Our products
make it easy for customers to quickly audio-enable their web sites and emails
with streaming audio. In operation since September 1999, BYOBroadcast is
headquartered outside of Boston, Mass. and currently provides audio
technology and solutions to more than 70 customers worldwide, including the
President of Panama, Elektra and Atlantic Records, the LPGA, and
Telephonica. For more information, please visit www.byobroadcast.com.