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Issue 53 - 22nd March 2001


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******E-NEWS THIS WEEK*******

Geneva - OPEC members agreed further production cuts this week, announcing a
further 1m bbl/d decrease in member outputs. As a result oil prices pushed
slightly higher with NYMEX crude trading at $26.80 and IPEC crude trading at
25.06. OPEC ministers have indicated that members have highlighted $25/bbl
as a price that they feel comfortable with.The decreases per country were as

Algeria - 32,000
Indonesia - 52,000
Iran - 146,000
Kuwait - 80,000
Libya - 54,000
Nigeria - 82,000
Qatar - 26,000
Saudi Arabia - 324,000
UAE - 88,000
Venezuela - 116,000
Total - 1,000,000

Rabat - This week the MENA Petroleum Bulletin spoke with Andrew Windham,
Group General Counsel for Energy Africa. Amina Benkhadra, General Manager of
ONAREP (25%) added to the growing list of re-entrants to Morocco, signing a
petroleum agreement with Energy Africa (63.75%) and Taurus Petroleum AB
(11.25%). This agreement, taking effect March 1st 2001, concerned three
exploration permits offshore Morocco collectively known as the Tiznit
Offshore area.
Energy Africa Morocco Ltd (operator), together with Taurus Petroleum
(co-partner) will implement exploration work on the three permits of the
Tiznit Offshore area covering approximately 6000sq.km. This is Energy
Africa's second Petroleum Agreement covering acreage offshore Morocco, the
first being the Cap Draa Haute Mer area where Energy Africa holds 20% equity
bringing the total acreage held by it in the country to 18,000sq.km.
Andrew Windham, said, 'the country has all the characteristics offshore
which make potentially, for substantial discoveries. But at this stage it is
very much untried and untested, so it is a very exciting place to be at the
moment. We are in right at the start of some new plays.'
For further details please see the April issue of the MENA Petroleum

London - Repsol YPF SA said it discovered oil at a second well during
exploration in Libya. The well in the Murzuq Basin, 800km south of Tripoli,
produced oil at a rate of 1,300bbl/d, the company said in a press release.
Repsol is testing the site on behalf of a consortium including OMV,
TotalFinaElf and Saga Petroleum. Repsol began searching for oil in the area
in May 1998, when the Libyan government granted approval for exploration and
production sharing arrangements with foreign companies. The companies
currently produce more than 160,000bbl/d from the Murzuq Basin, said the

Tripoli - Further to reports this week from Libya Ahmed Abdel-Karim Ahmed
has been formally appointed as Chairman of NOC, following reports that he
had been removed from the position. Representing Libya at the OPEC
conference in Geneva it was confirmed that Al-Badri has been appointed as
Deputy Prime Minister for Social Security. The news will comfort foreign
investors who feared that further upheaval would hinder an already slow
ratification process, with approvals outstanding for three packages of
blocks offered by NOC in late 2000.

*******SPECIAL FEATURES FOR 2001******

The MENA Petroleum Bulletin is to initiate rankings and league tables for
the top suppliers to the oil and gas sector. The first of these special
features will be an objective survey of law firms and their involvement in
the Middle East & North African region during 2000, and will appear in the
April 2001 issue. The feature will rank the region's best legal practices
involved in corporate finance, project finance, mergers and acquisitions and
contractual law. Further surveys are planned for 2001 and will include
analysis of the leading integrated contractors, the leading financial
institutions and the leading independent contractors and suppliers. The full
results and analysis of this market research will be available only to MENA


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The MENA Petroleum Bulletin analyses the major developments in the region's
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month subscribers to the MENA Petroleum Bulletin receive news of policy,
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Our features, which are written by industry insiders and regional
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Approximately 90% of Algeria's crude oil exports go to Western Europe, with
Italy as the main market followed by Germany and France. Algeria accounts
for one-quarter of EU gas imports. With the de-regulation and liberalisation
of the European gas market, Algeria is ideally located to meet the gas
demands of Iberia and the Eastern Mediterranean Basin. This will depend upon
the degree to which foreign investment can be attracted.
This Report provides a comprehensive examination of the oil and gas industry
in Algeria, and the prime and potential markets for Algerian energy
products. Specifically, the Report will provide you with a complete analysis
* All major oil and gas field/projects.
* Southern European gas demand forecasts
* Corporate Directory
* BP Amoco's natural gas strategy
* Country Risk Analysis
The Report is essential reading for exploration and production, business
development, procurement and contractors, across the oil, gas and power
industries: everyone involved in, or interested in entering Algeria's energy
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This market analysis report is designed to provide a comprehensive
understanding of all aspects of the power industry in the countries of the
Middle East. The report features energy profiles, industrial structures,
supply and demand data and forecasts, policy and de-regulation issues of the
private sector, as well as investment and future prospects within the
following countries:

* Iran * Iraq * Kuwait
* Jordan * Oman * Saudi Arabia
* Syria * UAE * Qatar
* Yemen * Pakistan * Turkey
* Egypt * Bahrain * Lebanon

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LNG Trade: A Review of Projects, Markets and Key Issues in the Changing
World of LNG is a truly comprehensive overview of international supply and
use of Liquefied Natural Gas today. The author addresses a number of key
commercial, financial, technical and safety issues which are essential
considerations for those seeking to participate in the development of LNG
projects and in the changing business of LNG trade. This Report provides you
and your company with

* An introduction to LNG trade and technology
* Factual information about world LNG terminals, shipping and supply
* A country-by-country analysis of LNG markets and projects
* A review of LNG supply economics and project development
* A discussion of the commercial, financial, engineering and safety issues
relevant to LNG trade today

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SMi Publishing Ltd is a leading publisher of business to business
Our Market Analysis Reports are 30,000 word rigorous analytical briefings
providing timely industry and market forecasts. We are looking for authors
to write for our Energy portfolio on topics such as:

- Deep and Ultra-Deep Water Drilling
- Smart Reservoirs
- Coal-Bed Methane
- EP Data Management

If you or one of your colleagues are interested in writing a Report, please
contact Victoria Smith: mailto:egray@smi-online.co.uk


North Africa's most exciting opportunities discussed at.....

4th - 5th April, The Hatton, London

With the rapid changes to legislation the timing couldn't be better. SMi
Conferences offer the essential guide to the latest market developments and
opportunities in Morocco and Tunisia. All the key issues will be covered
from the new legal landscape to practical case studies of existing
successful E&P activities.

You can't afford to miss this insight into market developments. As a busy
professional, our event offers you the easy way to ensure you are aware of
all the opportunities in this exciting new market in just two days. Not
only will you benefit from this intensive programme, you will also hear the
first hand experiences of those already operating in this flourishing

Key speakers include:
* Amina Benkhadra, Managing Director, ONAREP
* Paul Ashton, Exploration Manager, Vanco Energy
* John Sobehrad, President, Skidmore Energy
* Derek Evoy, Manager, International Exploration and Exploitation,
* Jameleddine Lazreg, Promotion Department, ETAP

For further information please visit:
http://www.smi-online.co.uk/morrocoandtunisia5.asp alternatively please ring
+ 44 207 827 6110

23 & 24th April 2001, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai
For further information visit

The timing of this conference couldn't be better as the Middle East and
North African region gears up to offer further independent power projects.

SMi forthcoming conference titled Middle East North African Power, taking
place 23rd and 24th April 2001 aims to bring together all levels of
participants to explain their understanding and thinking for the future of
Middle East and North African power development.

Many countries experience blackouts and electrical faults on a daily basis,
governments in the Middle East and North Africa are now increasingly pinning
their hopes on the Independent Power Project run in conjunction with major
International investors to solve this problem. Relaxation of Middle East
law has allowed outside investment and many see this moving the Middle East
power industry towards privatisation.

Key Speakers at this event include:
* Engineer Mahmoud Al-Ees, Head of Planning Studies, Ministry of Energy and
Mineral Resources - Jordan
* Dr Ranald Spiers, Regional Director Middle East & Africa, National Power
* Steve Wildman, Commercial Director, Alstom Gas Turbines
* Tom Thomason, Project Manager, InterGen
* Daniel J. Meier, Area Sales Manager, ABB High Voltage Technologies
* Dr Thomas Stauffer, International Oil and Finance Consultant (Formerly
with M.I.T)

MENA Power takes place on 23rd & 24th April 2001 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel,
Dubai. The full conference programme is available at
http://www.smi-online.co.uk/middleeastpower2.asp or call + 44 (0) 20 7827

As a subscriber to our MENA E-News service, I would like to highlight the
following speaker, chairman and workshop leader opportunities available at
our Algeria III conference:

4 and 5 June 2001, Algiers, Algeria
A review of SMi's Algerian Management Report can be found on:

Our conference division is currently organising an event to examine
Algeria's place in the oil and gas environment.

We are looking to bring together a key audience of specialists, economists,
academics as well as politicians and key decision-makers and would like to
hear from anyone interested in participating in this conference as a
speaker, chairman or workshop leader.
Mailto: wparker@smi-online.co.uk

Topics we are looking to tackle include, but are not inclusive of:

Examining Algeria's petroleum code
Algeria's role in the North African region
Algeria's oil and gas industry
Infra-structure developments
Financing and operating issues
Case studies of key Algerian oil fields
Algeria's licensing rounds and how to succeed
Legal issues
Political and operational risk issues

This conference is taking place on the 4 - 5 June 2001, in Algiers.
A review of SMi's Algerian Management Report can be found on:

The Aims & Objectives of the Conference

Algeria has always attracted a large amount of interest from the
international oil and gas community. With a new licensing round under
discussion and petroleum code under review, this conference aims to act as a
forum for all aspects of the oil and gas industry to come together and
discuss the future development of Algeria's oil and gas sector. Moving away
from the traditional investing in format of conference, this forum aims to
look at specific field studies and also the future markets and developments
within the Algerian oil and gas industry. It will focus on the commercial
opportunities that exist in helping Algeria reach these markets and allow
for strategic analysis of the impact of this supplier. It will examine
current MENA energy flows and how they might look in the future with Algeria
asserting its role as the Mediterranean's major producing nation.

If you would like to receive further information on this conference or
discuss your participation in more detail, please contact Wendy Parker the
conference organiser on the numbers below.

Wendy Parker
Conference Producer

Tel: +44 (0)20 7827 6130
Fax: +44 (0)20 7827 6131
Email: wparker@smi-online.co.uk

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