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Date:Fri, 23 Mar 2001 07:07:00 -0800 (PST)

"Derek Telander" <Derek@ctaonline.com< on 03/23/2001 02:26:14 PM
To: <klay@enron.com<
Subject: Outsource Your Investor Relations

Outsource Your Investor Relations to
One of the Nation's Leading Investor Relations Agencies

Why are more and more public companies hiring Carl Thompson Associates for
investor relations help? Because we have a proven track record. And our
industry has rated us one of the best.
Founded in 1985, Carl Thompson Associates has grown to become one of the
nation's leading full-service investor relations firms, providing Annual
Report and web design services, EDGAR filings, proxy stock charting,
broker/analyst meetings and media relations services to public companies
across the U.S.
Our full-service agency specializes in working with small cap companies
throughout the U.S. with limited budgets and staff. As one of the oldest and
largest investor relations practices in the country, we're an excellent
alternative for companies needing a national agency at an affordable price.
Our goal? To enhance the future financing needs of public companies through a
consistent, fair stock valuation. How? By bringing new brokerage firms,
individual investors and institutions into the stock, as well as obtaining
research coverage and national media exposure.
In conclusion, if you want to affect your stock price and p/e through
additional retail support,
more analyst coverage,
increased institutional ownership,
greater stock volume,
media exposure,
more effective IR "packaging" - i.e. web site, corporate profile, slide show,
annual report, investor kit, etc.
then call me at (800) 959-9677 and let's talk.
Give us a chance to handle your investor relations so you can get back to
running your company. Meanwhile, you can find our client roster, prices, case
studies, references and services on our web site at http://www.ctaonline.com,
or skim our slide show presentation.
We WANT your business!

Carl Thompson
Chief Executive Officer
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