Enron Mail

Subject:Re: Advertising Campaign - NASCAR
Date:Mon, 11 Dec 2000 09:04:00 -0800 (PST)

Dear Kelly:

I appreciate your comments regarding Enron's advertising focus. First, Enr=
become involved with Enron Field for two reasons: to keep the Astros in=
Houston and to gain energy and facilities management business for Enron=20
Energy Services. Acquiring the naming rights to the stadium came much late=
in our negotiations with the Astros. In addition, while sports events like=
NASCAR are exciting to watch and get a fair amount of media play, we're=20
targeting a more specific audience with our advertising dollars.
Increasingly, Enron=01,s integrated products and services require the appro=
of an organization=01,s highest ranking officers, people who carry a =01&CX=
title, such as chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief=20
information officer or chief technology officer. These individuals may not=
recognize Enron=01,s name and abilities as readily as energy-centric execut=

We also want to reach the elected and appointed officials who set policy an=
regulations affecting Enron businesses worldwide. The "Ask Why" advertising=
campaign launched in February this year was designed with these groups in=
mind as well as to put the Enron name and image on everyone=01,s radar scre=
Enron commercials continue to appear on business channels such as CNBC and=
CNNfn, as well as the History Channel, ESPN and network news programs. Some=
are running in Europe as well.

While we won't rule out entirely the possibility of directing some of our=
future advertising dollars toward sports events, for now, we believe we are=
spending our ad budget where it will have the greatest positive impact on o=

Thanks for your suggestion. Keep them coming.


10/03/2000 04:20 PM
To: Kenneth Lay@ENRON
cc: =20
Subject: Advertising Campaign - NASCAR

Mr. Lay,

I wasn't able to get my question to you at the all employee meeting. It was=

The Enron sponsored Houston mini-cart Grand Prix entry placed second and=20
received free air time of "Enron" on the news. With NASCAR being as popular=
as it is today, itself a multi-billion dollar industry, why hasn't Enron=20
sponsored a racing team to compete against the other Fortune 500 sponsors?=
Enron is supporting stadiums, but why not a competition based on fuel,=20
energy, and the most powerful being the victor?

Now with cigarettes and alcohol banned from advertising, companies such as=
AOL, Compaq, Southern Company, and Infoseek are on the tracks. Each race=20
would provide more airtime of the Enron logo and further placement of "The=
New Power Company" in the retail consumer/viewer's venue. It would also giv=
me someone to "root" for.

Kelly Merritt
Asset Mgr. - CALME/ENA