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Subject:Re: CONFIDENTIAL: HR Committee Approval Requested for Option Grant
Date:Wed, 25 Apr 2001 08:27:00 -0700 (PDT)

The proposal is totally satisfactory to Ken Lay.


"Holloway, Wanda" <Wanda.Holloway@COMPAQ.com< on 04/19/2001 01:44:06 PM
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Subject: CONFIDENTIAL: HR Committee Approval Requested for Option Grant

In light of Jesse Greene's acceptance of the SVP, Strategy position, we have
re-examined his option opportunity for 2001. As you recall, we deferred a
decision on his option grant in December 2000 pending a decision on his

Now that Jesse has accepted this new role, we are recommending a grant of
125,000 stock options, which is comparable to the December 2000 grant to
other 16b officers in staff positions. As a point of reference, below are
the option grants made to 16b officers in December 2000:

Blackmore - 375k
Winkler - 350k
Larson - 275k
McDowell - 250k
Elias - 150k
Jackson - 175k
Siekman - 155k
Napier - 155k
Fox - 125k
Milton - 100k
Clarke - 75k (received additional grant of 175k options upon appointment to
Walker - 60k (received 250k new hire options in September)
Robison - 0 (recently received new hire grant)

If you have any questions or concerns about this proposal, please let Yvonne
or I know. If it is acceptable, please advise and we will provide a
unanimous consent for your signature to formalize. Thank you!

Wanda G. Holloway
Associate General Counsel - Human Resources
Compaq Computer Corporation
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