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Subject:Re: [Corrected copy] Your conversation with Gus Kinnear re
Date:Tue, 27 Jun 2000 10:35:00 -0700 (PDT)

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Hi Mr. Griffes:

I have just printed out everything you sent earlier for Mr. Lay. Can you
please tell me where the correction is, please.


MGriffes@evelocity.com on 06/27/2000 05:18:26 PM
To: kenneth.lay@enron.com
cc: gus@evelocity.com
Subject: [Corrected copy] Your conversation with Gus Kinnear re eVelocity

Mr. Kenneth Lay,

Gus Kinnear requested that I get this information to you as soon as possible.
?Gus and I spoke with David Cabello earlier this afternoon and my
understanding is that you will be speaking with him tomorrow. ?A similar set
of documents were provided to David. ?Please contact me by phone or e-mail if
you have any trouble opening or reading them.

Attached are the following pdf files. ?

Market Description.
Confidential Memorandum describing the company's business.
Pro Forma Financial statements through 2004.

I thank you very much for your interest in eVelocity.

Michael Griffes
President & CEO
603-235-7079 (cell)

- ConfMemo-1.pdf
- Inc.PDF
- Bal.PDF
- CashFlow.PDF
- 1pagehi-lite-1.pdf