Enron Mail

Subject:Re: Cougars @ Enron
Date:Fri, 28 Apr 2000 08:53:00 -0700 (PDT)

Jeff, I will definitely show this to Mr. Lay. However, I had a thought. Why
don't you draft what you'd like him to say and then he can make changes to it
as he wishes. That would really be helpful.



Jeffrey McClellan@ECT
04/28/2000 03:21 PM
To: Kenneth Lay/Corp/Enron@ENRON
Subject: Cougars @ Enron

Thank you for the opportunity to meet today at the "Enron Teaching Excellence
Awards." It was an indeed an honor and a privilege to finally speak to you
in person. Ironically, when I returned to the office today I received your
interoffice mail concerning the below email. I certainly understand that you
will not be able to attend many events as I am sure that your schedule is
quite demanding. I believe that this group will benefit substantially by
knowing that you are aware that it exists and want to support it. Is it
possible to send a brief email to UH alumni at Enron letting them know as
such? If the alumni see that you support our efforts, they will take an
increased interest in participating and provide us a solid foundation with
which to work. Please provide me any feedback you may have.

As we talked about today, we would like to begin having occasional "brown
bags" in an effort to get the alumni better acquainted with the university.
I believe that we should have one with Dr. Smith to promote the image
campaign, changes at the university, the tier 1 status, etc. If you could
make it that would be great but if not that is OK as well. I will send you
the date when I have it.

Chet Gladchuk has agreed to work with us to orchestrate a tailgate party on
Sept. 16th to welcome Dana Dimel in his first home football game. We will
have a tent, food, refreshments, football tickets, etc. I suspect that it
will be from approx. 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Please let me know if your
calendar is free.

I am truly excited to have you as alumni and am grateful for your
approachability. Please let me stress that I do not expect you to make all
or even most of our events. I would just like to let you know what we are
doing and if you find that you are free, we would love to have you.

Thank you for your time,
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Jeffrey McClellan
04/12/2000 05:10 PM
To: Kenneth Lay/Corp/Enron@ENRON
Subject: Cougars @ Enron

Mr. Lay,
My name is Jeff McClellan and I am President of the "Cougars @ Enron". We
are a group of Enron employees that are UH alumni that have banded together
to form a chartered extension of the Houston Alumni Organization. We had our
kickoff event in the 50th floor dining room on March 7th of this year and
have received substantial interest in our organization. I wanted to drop you
a line to tell you not only about us, but also what we are doing. As of
today, we have 107 employees that have expressed interest in contributing to
our group's success. We have several stated objectives:

1. Network Enron Cougars together to build strong working relationships.
This will benefit the employees as well as the company.
2. Raise and present scholarships to Enron dependents to attend the
University of Houston. This will help to ease education costs.
3. Assist the company in its recruiting efforts concerning the university.
4. Assist the university through financial gifts whenever possible.

Currently, here is what we have planned:

4/15/2000 The HAO has given us their hall at "Frontier Fiesta". Frontier
Fiesta is a festival thrown by the students and alumni that provides good
family fun. The HAO is having it catered and everyone is invited.

9/16/2000 We are throwing a tailgate party to celebrate Dana Dimel's first
home football game against Army. We are working with Chet Gladchuk to set up
a tent, have it catered, listen to a live band, football tickets, etc. We
would like to make this event open to all of Enron if possible. The
university will provide Enron special recognition on both the Cougar Vision
Scoreboard and over the PA in both the first and second half of the contest.

These are the confirmed events so far as we are still in the opening stages.
We anticipate to have more events planned (golf tournament) which I would
like the opportunity to share with you. This group is designed to cater to
its members, the company, and the university and I believe it is going to be
one of the most successful out there. To achieve such a plateau, however, we
need to be a continuous draw to old and new alumni alike. To have you as an
alumni is truly a monumental draw to our employees and the university. Would
you consider making several appearances with us at our events? Your
participation would greatly increase our exposure and ability to accomplish
our goals and we would love the chance to honor you as one of our most
distinguished alumni. If there are any suggestions that you may have as to
how to further our group, I would love to hear them. I understand that you
are extremely busy and I do not wish to monopolize your time but this alumni
charter is something that I truly believe in and I hope you will agree that
it has great potential. With you support, we can attain a level of success
that will set us aside from any other group.

Thank you for your time,