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Subject:Re: FW: Dinner with Tom DeLay and others on April 6th -- additional
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Hi Anne -

Why don't you send an e-mail to Jeff's assistant, Sherri Sera. Her e-mail
address is: sherri.sera@enron.com. My e-mail address is
rosalee.fleming@enron.com. Thanks!!


Anne Culver <aculver@houston.org< on 03/27/2001 10:44:14 AM
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Subject: FW: Dinner with Tom DeLay and others on April 6th -- additional i
nfor mation

Rosalie, how should I go about inviting Jeff Skilling to this dinner?

And what is your direct email address?

Anne, Ken will be out of town.


Anne Culver <aculver@houston.org< on 03/25/2001 03:47:18 PM

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Subject: Dinner with Tom DeLay and others on April 6th -- additional infor

To: Bruce LaBoon, Steve Miller, Charles Duncan, Ken Lay, Steve
Letbetter, Dan Smith, Kelly Frels, Ed Galante, Jim Edmonds, Jim Kollaer

The purpose of this email is to provide additional detail to follow up on
the phone call each of you received on Friday, checking availability for
dinner with Congressman DeLay and others on Friday, April 6th.

BACKGROUND During the last week of February, BCCA and Partnership leaders
met separately with Congressman DeLay, Congressman Joe Barton and with two
top staff members of Mr. DeLay, in order to update them on our extensive
activities aimed at federal Clean Air Act compliance. Pursuant to those
meetings, Mr. DeLay's office has asked for some follow-up meetings to be
held in Houston on Friday, April 6th. He intends to travel to this area
that day along with, and as host to, Congressman Barton (R-Texas, Chairman
of the Energy and Power Subcommittee of the House Committee on Energy and
Commerce) and with Congressman Billy Tauzin (R-Louisiana, Chairman, House
Committee on Energy and Commerce). The Energy and Commerce Committee has
oversight over Clean Air Act matters. DeLay has requested support from and
interaction with the BCCA and the Partnership on that day.

APRIL 6TH ACTIVITY After time spent early in the day in Mr. DeLay's
congressional district to meet with Brazoria and Fort Bend County local
officials, Mr. DeLay has asked us to then pick up the itinerary with a ship
channel tour and presentations on SIP status, science and modeling issues.
We are working closely with Mr. DeLay's staff on all these matters.

He has asked to end the day with a "small dinner with CEOs" to have a frank
discussion about our clean air issues. This is the dinner my staff called
your office about on Friday. Clearly, Mr. DeLay is interested in what he
and the other congressmen may be able to due legislatively to assist in
addressing some of the issues we have with the SIP. He has asked that we
also invite Governor Perry to attend the dinner, which we are doing. Mr.
DeLay will call the Governor to encourage his attendance. This will
obviously be a critical opportunity to relay targeted information and
on strategy with key members of Congress and the Governor. Everyone in
attendance at the dinner will be provided coordinated talking points in
advance. There may also be a formal briefing arranged immediately before
after the April 3 Partnership Board meeting so we can prep in advance.

RSVPs TO DATE Responses so far indicate that Steve Miller, Ed Galante, Jim
Edmonds and Jim Kollaer are confirmed to attend the dinner. Charles Duncan
and Kelly Frels are checking calendars. Ken Lay, Steve Letbetter and Dan
Smith are unavailable. We do not have a commitment yet from the Governor.
We will likely recruit two or three other CEOs from BCCA member companies
attend the dinner.

My current thought is to house the members of Congress at the St. Regis and
to arrange the dinner either at the River Oaks Country Club or possibly at
board member's home nearby.

I trust this additional information is useful to you. I will be the
Partnership point person on this -- please do not hesitate to call me with
any questions you may have. Thank you.

Anne Culver
Sr. VP, Government Relations
Greater Houston Partnership
713/844-3624 (ph)
713/844-0224 (fax)

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