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Subject:Re: FW: Portfolio Company Presentations - Reminder (Revised)
Date:Fri, 16 Mar 2001 05:56:00 -0800 (PST)

Hi Barbara - does Ken Lay need to be on these e-mails?


From: Barbara Paige/ENRON@enronXgate on 03/16/2001 01:49 PM
To: Samantha Bryce/ENRON@enronXgate, Adriana Cortes/ENRON@enronXgate, Monica
Edwards/ENRON@enronXgate, Bert Frazier/ENRON@enronXgate, John
Godbold/ENRON@enronXgate, Gene Humphrey/ENRON@enronXgate, Micardo
Johns/ENRON@enronXgate, Krysti Knight/ENRON@enronXgate, Kenneth
Lay/Corp/Enron@ENRON, Mark Lay/ENRON@enronXgate, Olalekan
Oladeji/ENRON@enronXgate, Barbara Paige/ENRON@enronXgate, Marc
Poulson/ENRON@enronXgate, Lilia Roman/ENRON@enronXgate, Fabricio
Soares/ENRON@enronXgate, Claude Tellis/ENRON@enronXgate
Subject: FW: Portfolio Company Presentations - Reminder (Revised)

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From: Paige, Barbara
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 1:47 PM
To: Bryce, Samantha; Cortes, Adriana; Edwards, Monica; Frazier, Bert;
Godbold, John; Humphrey, Gene; Johns, Micardo; Knight, Krysti; Lay, Kenneth;
Lay, Mark; Oladeji, Olalekan; Paige, Barbara; Poulson, Marc; Roman, Lilia;
Soares, Fabricio; Tellis, Claude
Subject: Portfolio Company Presentations - Reminder

Just a reminder that your portfolio company presentations are due on Monday
3/19th. Gene will need to get his copies by mail, so please make sure Lilia
has a copy to include in the mailing paket to him by 4PM on Monday. If you
are not planning to meet that deadline, please see Lilia about how you can
get your presentation to Gene.

The first drafts were a good start. Most, however, read more like a pitch
[Paige, Barbara] than an assessment/evaluation. As you make your revisions,
keep in mind that your objective should be to provide a succinct, but
thorough assessment of the investment that will inform a discussion on how to
best add value and manage the investment going forward.

If you have not gotten my feedback and would like it, we can arrange to speak
over the weekend. I will be traveling, but if you leave a voice message, we
can arrange a time to speak. I will be generally available by phone Saturday
morning through early afternoon.