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Subject:Re: Final items of the MC
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Date:Mon, 17 Jan 2000 09:35:00 -0800 (PST)

Ken wrote:

Sharon/Janelle -

I would prefer that we just absorb these costs. I hate to send out
additional bills at this time.


Sharon Lay <sharon@travelpark.com< on 01/12/2000 07:16:42 PM
To: "'jhduncan@aol.com'" <jhduncan@aol.com<
cc: Janelle Daniel <janelle@travelpark.com<, Kenneth Lay/Corp/Enron@Enron
Subject: Final items of the MC

Hello John,
I hope you have returned to normal after the MC!!! I can only say that it
was a tremendous success, and everyone should be congratulated that worked
on the planning!
Now to the final items. We are billing everyone for the hotel, golf and
regatta this week and we have a few questions. The hotel and golf are easy.
However the regatta is a different situation. When we started this project,
the cost of the regatta was much less than when we finished. We quoted
$85.00 per person, however the Millennium rate was actually $100.00 per
person. This would not be such a great problem, however we had 33 no-shows
for the regatta. This being said, we have two choices. We bill those that
sailed for an additional $15.00 to make their charge $100.00 which then
leaves us with a negative $3500.00. Or, we also bill the 33 no-shows for
$100.00 each which puts us pretty close to break even.
In the big picture, there have been some budget cost that were less than
expected and some that were more. We will have the final budget complete by
the end of next week.
The most important issue, is it acceptable to bill those that sailed $100.00
or do you want us to stay at the original price of $85.00?......Then, of
course, what should we do about the no shows? Possibly bill them a
cancellation fee or the full fee? Or, forget and forgive this time?
I am leaving for Paradise tomorrow, however my trusted partner Janelle will
be here until the 20th of January. We would like to get everything
finalized before she leaves.
Give us your thoughts.

The EX-MC Director