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Subject:Re: GOOD NEWS!...and TFA Board meeting
Date:Mon, 2 Apr 2001 11:17:00 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Mr. Reed -

I left a message on Thursday evening for Rosemarie, but was out Friday, so
was too busy to follow up today, but having said all that, Ken Lay wanted me
to let you know that he would like to have the TFA board meeting at the Enron
building. Please let me know if that will be possible.


"Will Reed" <will.reed@techforall.org< on 04/02/2001 01:33:14 PM
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Subject: GOOD NEWS!...and TFA Board meeting


Technology For All (TFA)received today our 501&copy;(3) exemption letter
from the IRS. This letter gives us the opportunity to vigorously
pursue new funding opportunities and also validates what we have known
all along. TFA is a charitable organization serving the underserved in
communities across the US.

We thank Jack Clark, our general counsel, for his arduous pro-bono
legal work over the past 15 months that helped make this happen.

On another note, each of you should have received word from Rosemarie
Foster, TFA's Administrative Assistant, regarding a Technology For All
Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 8, 2001 at the University
Hilton on the University of Houston Campus. The meeting will take
place at 2:00 PM and conclude by 3:30 PM. It will take place in the
context of an all-day Technology For All sponsored conference "Digital
Divide: A Call to Action". Each of you will receive an complimentary
invitation to the activities of the day. Ken Lay will be hosting a
CEO breakfast at 8:00 am. Our purpose there will be to tell the TFA
story and invite the CEO's present to make a commitment to help TFA
eliminate the digital divide across Houston and beyond. At lunch,
Greg Priest, CEO of SmartForce, will be speaking. SmartForce recently
gave TFA access to all its online eLearning content. This gift will
allow TFA to provide workforce training opportunities to half a
million persons over the next three years. We will thank SmartForce
during the luncheon for their enormous gift which has a retail value
that could be as high as nine figures (depending on the number of
courses utilized).



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