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Mr. Kaplan -

Mr. Lay would like to title his speech "Energy and Climate Realism in a
Political World" . We look forward to receiving additional information.



"Marshall Kaplan" <mkaplan@carbon.cudenver.edu< on 04/03/2001 10:23:30 AM
To: <klay@enron.com<

Kenneth Lay
Chairman, Enron


Marshall Kaplan

Western State Power Forum: May 22 and May 23

Plans are proceeding nicely for the Western State Forum on May 22 and May
23. We have an outstanding group of confirmed speakers and panelists
including many individuals that I assume you know as colleagues and friends.
I will be sending you more information on the Forum in the next few days. I
am going to send you the preliminary agenda this morning.

You will be speaking at a critical time in the Forum; that is, just after
panels on power problems and polices and just before the final session
linking power and energy strategies to environmental objectives. It would be
great if your talk to the participants in the Forum could help them see the
relationship between power and energy related objectives and environmental
issues including GHG emissions. You should feel free however to focus your
talk in a manner of your choosing. Again, I will send you the prelim. agenda
soon. Could you send me a title however for the final agenda's purposes?
We hope to print the final agenda later this week. Thank you.

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