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Subject:Re: e-Katz: Chief Kroeker
Date:Thu, 9 Nov 2000 20:31:00 -0800 (PST)

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"Katz, Mayor" <mayorkatz@ci.portland.or.us< on 11/09/2000 08:29:39 PM
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Subject: e-Katz: Chief Kroeker

Over the past week I have heard from many thoughtful and concerned citizens
about their opinions on Chief Kroeker. About an hour ago, I held a news
conference to release the statement below in response. I wanted to make
sure you were able to read it in its entirety.

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Statement Regarding Police Chief Mark Kroeker

"I take my responsibilities as police commissioner very seriously. I have
reviewed this situation with care. I want to thank those who provided me
feedback either in person, over the telephone or through e-mail.

"The performance of any individual in my administration ultimately rests
with me. I want to apologize for the concern, pain and fear caused by the
taped comments made years ago by Chief Kroeker. His taped comments in no
way reflect my own personal beliefs.

"My community and staff discussions, along with reading all the e-mails and
transcripts of all my telephone messages, helped distill my thinking on this
issue to one key question: Can Chief Kroeker separate his personal religious
views from his professional conduct?

"I have determined that he manages his duties without bias and will continue
to do so. His performance has met my expectations. He is leading the bureau
in a fair, respectful and inclusive manner. He is moving our law
enforcement efforts to a higher level of community policing. Therefore, I
have asked Mark Kroeker to stay on as Chief of Police. He has my strong
support to continue.

"The law provides that all city employees have a right to their personal
religious views. I have a responsibility to review their employment status
if their actions, as a result of their personal views, impair their ability
to perform their professional responsibilities.

"Many of the arguments raised asking me to dismiss Mark Kroeker because he
is "out of step with Portland" could be used in other Oregon communities to
fire more liberal public officials who are "out of step" with their
community's conservative majority. My 30-year fight for tolerance goes both

"Chief Kroeker will have to rebuild trust with many of our citizens. He
assures me he is prepared to do so. He told me he would rather help undo
the damage, help me promote tolerance and acceptance of all people, than
just walk away.

"He commits to a strong and sustained positive dialogue with Portlanders who
are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, including those on his staff.
He has already begun outreach efforts and will continue to do so.

"He said he will redouble his efforts to promote respect and acceptance of
all Portlanders and be steadfast and fair in his enforcement of the law.

"He agrees to work with the Cascade Aids Project to serve as a spokesperson
to educate citizens about the fact that AIDS is not a "gay disease."

"He will continue to seek advice from the City Council, the Bureau's Sexual
Minority Roundtable and others to guide additional efforts.

"He agrees to take all this on with all his heart.

"In the process I hope he and we all learn from this experience. I will
work to turn this negative situation into a positive one: to expand our
sense of tolerance; to promote the notion that regardless of a person's
personal or religious beliefs, one can be an effective public servant; and
to deepen the acceptance of all Portlanders.

"As Mayor, I will do my part and more. I hope you will join me."