Enron Mail

Subject:Sports Arena
Date:Thu, 10 Aug 2000 03:20:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Mr. Galvan,

Thank you for your recent letter concerning my support of a new basketball=
arena in Downtown Houston. I believe that the responsibilities of my=20
position at one of the world=01,s leading companies extend far beyond day t=
o day=20
business- I take a leading role in the communities where my employees live=
and work. =20

I agree that corporate stewardship is essential in our community. At Enron,=
we are aware of the underserved populations in our neighborhoods, which is=
why each year we give back one percent of our earnings to charitable causes=
As we have grown, so have these donations. Enron=01,s community investments=
include supporting programs that promote cultural diversity, educational=20
programming and scholarships, and assisting those struggling to rebuild the=

Three years ago, Houstonians took the initiative to keep the Houston Astros=
in town by passing a baseball stadium referendum that sparked the=20
revitalization of our downtown district. A new downtown basketball arena to=
house our hometown Houston Rockets and Comets would amplify our current=20

Houston has a vibrant, attractive, central business district that is=20
recognized globally. A basketball arena is of key importance for the=20
continuing revitalization of downtown Houston, for keeping the Rockets and=
Comets in town, and for retaining an exceptional workforce in our world cla=
city. We must not allow our city to lose its competitive advantage on or of=
the court.=20

Enron has more than 6,500 employees who work and live in Houston and we all=
take great pride in this city and its success. We plan to stay in Houston=
for a long time, and it is essential that the Houston Rockets and Comets ma=
Houston their home, too. Downtown now has a new feeling and a new level of=
excitement and Houston cannot afford to stop the momentum.


Ken Lay