Enron Mail

To:bruce.mills@enron.com, sladana-anna.kulic@enron.com, chuck.ames@enron.com,jad.doan@enron.com, patrick.ryder@enron.com, binh.pham@enron.com
Subject:Central desk items
Date:Wed, 18 Apr 2001 03:10:00 -0700 (PDT)

wanted to let you guys know about a few things:
1. There is a central desk vacation calendar on my desk by the sun machine -
it is a little black date book. Please put any future requests in there so
that we can keep track of who needs off when. I would like to try and keep
from having more than 3 people out at a time.
2. Physical gas daily options - when booking these, please be very careful.
These need to have daily swaps on them in sitara as opposed to monthly
swaps. This will insure that the physical deal comes to the physical trader
at gas daily as opposed to mid. This is very important to avoid OA variances.
3. When booking deals in sitara, please look at your swaps when they are
created to verify that they are coming at the right mid/gd price. This is
important because we have so many deals that are booked to new mids and I
notice last night on a gd option, that the swap did not come at the correct
gd curve.
4. I am going to set up a mtg. for friday or monday to discuss OA, the
process and how to prepare forms.
5. Please take advantage of time that you can spend with your traders. All
the traders have expressed their approval for each of their book admins to
spend a morning watching them trade to better understand why they take the
positions that they do. The only request I have had is that we sit there
quietly and observe and ask questions after trading. Please utilize this
opportunity to build a relationship with your traders - this is good for
career development.
6. I will try and set up individual meetings with each of you to go over your
training plans.

Please shout with any questions.