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Subject:Pages to print for Hunter
Date:Fri, 19 Jan 2001 01:57:00 -0800 (PST)

I just wanted to update you guys on the status of the EMW reports for
Hunter. The EMW Positions_1 file is now updated and accurate. Every night
when Kevin finishes his P&L file and updates the EMW Positions file, he will
email the entire central team. If one of us is still here, we can print out
the necessary reports and leave them on Hunter's desk. If no one is here,
the first person in will need to print these reports out and give them to
Hunter with the Var report.

For the time being Hunter will be the only one needing these reports, I will
communicate any change in distribution that he requests. Also for the time
being, we will be going into Kevin's P&L file, which is in the same location
as our intra month P&L's that we sign off on, and printing the four tabs that
he has identified in the email attached. When Hunter has time to review this
format with me, we may make changes to the reports we print out. The EMW
positions_1 file is in the same location as our CE Positions_1 file.

Please as always, shout with any questions or concerns. Thanks for your help.

---------------------- Forwarded by Phillip M Love/HOU/ECT on 01/19/2001
09:50 AM ---------------------------

From: Kevin P Radous @ ENRON 01/17/2001 04:06 PM

To: Phillip M Love/HOU/ECT@ECT
Subject: Pages to print for Hunter


This is just a guess for what Hunter is looking for. I would start with the
following pages in the
p/l found in this directory...

O: Erms/1Intra/Central/Midwest P&L/2001/0101/EMW0117.xls

Exec Summary
P&L Without Sharing
P&L Summary

In addition, I think he wants more detail on the positions.

In my hedge strip file (same directory as everyone else - name is HS_IM-EMW)
I would think he would
like to see the Financial Book Position, NSS1, FT-Enovate, and TP tabs.
These are the only tabs with
positions. (Will be changing shortly).

Thanks for the help,