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Subject:Re: Easter Weekend
Date:Thu, 12 Apr 2001 08:29:00 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for the invite. We are going to JasonTidwell's wededding in Galveston
Saturday - it starts at 6 p.m. We are not planning on staying too long and
should be back in Clear Lake before 8 p.m. We will go pick up Jackson and
shoot over if that is ok.

Who bought the house? I hate to hear that they are leaving so soon. When
does your dad have to go back to the middle east?

I do not care if what you guys have to drink, thanks for thinking of me with
the no bud products.

When do you guys get in? I am off tomorrow, so give me a call at the house.
See you soon. Looking forward to seeing you guys.

rachel.bonilla-kragel@accenture.com on 04/12/2001 02:12:51 PM
To: Kelly Croucher <KellyC@panaco.com<, MoD1273@msn.com,
tanyatrittipo@pdq.net, Phillip.M.Love@enron.com, THEnd1120@aol.com,
Subject: Easter Weekend

Hi All!

Jason, Steve, Drew and I will be in town for the weekend and would love to
spend time with you all. You are all (including kids, of course!!) invited
to my folks house on Saturday for a bbq. I am thinking 5:30 ish (or before
if you want to hang out!!).

Most of you know, my parents purchased a house in Colorado. Last week they
sold the house in Houston...actually some people who graduated in Phillip's
class bought it (Phillip - I need to ask you about this one!) and will
moving out at the end of May. My Dad will be renting an apt. close to his
office (near the airport) until retirement (hopefully soon) and my parents
will commute back and forth b/t the two places. For those who aren't able
to make it to Denver, this may be the last time to hang with the folks.

Please let me know if you and guests are able to come over and hang (food
and drink). Also, any food/drink preferences (e.g., Phillip hates Bud

Love you all,

Rachel Bonilla-Kragel
North American C&HT
Denver - Octel 359/6017 - Direct Dial (720) 359-6017