Enron Mail

Subject:Shotgun san diego
Date:Fri, 23 Mar 2001 02:15:00 -0800 (PST)

What's up in the hood? It sounds like you guys live in Compton instead of
San Diego? Make sure Emma starts packing when she starts kindergarten. If
she is strapped, she can shoot back at these SOBs. Yet another reason Texas
is better than Cali - we all have guns so no one shoots up schools because
they know someone else has got heat and might put a cap in their ass.

Do you guys want me to order you Jazz Fest tickets when I order ours? I am
putting in an order for alot of people because if I mail order them it only
costs $3 total as opposed to ticket master's $3 fee per ticket. Since I am
ordering ours this way, I can order everyone's and they only pay the ticket
price(I eat the $3 because I am doing ours this way anyway). The tickets are
$15 through the mail per day as opposed to $20 at the gate and $18 through
ticketmaster. Let me know. I am ordering all three days for ashley and I
hoping we go all three days.