Enron Mail

Subject:ENW promotion announcement
Date:Fri, 27 Jul 2001 15:04:04 -0700 (PDT)

We are pleased to announce the following promotions within Enron Net Works. These promotions will be effective August 1, 2001. We would like to thank these individuals for their past contributions and recognize their instrumental roles in the growth and success of the organization. Please join us in congratulating the following employees and wishing them continued success with Enron.


To Senior Director
Roper, Kerwin

To Director
Galvan, Michael

To Senior Specialist
Armstrong, Kristin

Commodity Logic

To Senior Director
Harrison, Susan

To Director
Slagle, Carrie

Global Risk Management Operations

To Senior Director To Specialist
Earnest, Scott Brady, Kevin
Hall, D. Todd Logan III, Jackson
Dewett, Laura
To Director Hoang, Charlie
Bruce, Michelle Harrell, Willie
Fondren, Mark
Stubbs, Shelly To Staff
Rodriguez, Melissa
To Manager
Bhatti, Rashpal To Administrative Coordinator
Love, Phillip Villanueva, Chantelle
Oliver, David
Rae, David To Administrative Assistant II
Valdes, John Saldana, America
Walker, Lisa Upchurch, Arlene

To Senior Specialist To Senior Clerk
Christiansen, Suzanne White, Stuart
Dempsey, Dalton
Hollander, Corey
Myers, Donnie
Pallant, Kathryn
Schumack, Sherlyn
Shore, Geraldine
Wallumrod, Ellen

EnronOnline - Origination

To Associate
Rostant, Justin

Houston-Based Employees

To Senior Director To Senior Specialist
Behney, Christopher Allen, Diana
Bucknell, Martin Atta, Asem
Dopson, LaMetrice Black, Gregory
Guadarrama, Michael Clark, Cynthia
Gubser, Marlin Fuller, William
Hillier, Bob Hardy, Chryst
Montagne, Kevin Humlicek, Robert
Nat, Steve Invedy, Tantra
Rao, Ramesh James, Matthew
Wei, Zhiyong Jameson, Lance
Ly, Danny
To Director Macphail, Shawn
Bowling, William Mansfield, Carey
Cox, Susan (Paige) Mei, Xiaojun
Luu, Duong Mu, Qi
Muschar, Daniel
To Manager Perret, Jonathan
Alatorre, Carlos Rasmussen, Michael
Andrews, Stephen Tiner, Brent
Elliott, Clayton Yang, Zhiyun
Reid, Martin
Steward, Larry To Specialist
Valor, Hildemaro (Tino) Gallegos, Edgar
Guerrero, Sam
Manguba, Jimmy
Schlein, Guy
Wu, Betty

To Administrative Coordinator
Weatherstone, Mary

London-Based Employees

To Senior Director To Junior Professional
Hudson, Brian Cooper, Russell
Lang, Douglas
To Senior Support Larsson, Johan
Bowie, Keith Li, Yi Jone
Messenger, Jon McLean, Gordon
Scott, Denver Maffia, Mark
Mellitas, James
To Junior Support Oxley, Peter
Ahmed, Sohail Petri, Ingrid
De-Coi, David Van Rijn, Jasper
Lee, Calvin Wadey, Joanne
Mitchell, Dominic
Morris, Dan To Entry Professional
Rear, Timothy Alistair, Reeve
Malik, Ednan
To Senior Professional
Ashton, David To Senior Clerk
Benjamin, Phil Ali, Mohammed
Evans, Christopher Cresswell, James
Howell, Lee Stevenson, Scott
Hunter, Julia
Khan, Golam
Nicola, Trill
Stephens, Scott
Steven, Thomas
Tsang, David
Walker, Neill
Wilson, Melinda