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Phillip and Jeff -
Thank you for the positive feedback below! Hal and I thank you both and the rest of the trading team for all of your help and support in implementing the Trader Report Viewing system. We appreciate your strong teamwork!

Although you can continue to utilize the TRV system in the current test environment, we are in the process of planning the move into production to complete the project. Due to the production moritorium restriction, we are scheduling the move the week of July 9th. All data (history) that has been published to date will be brought across in production. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you again,

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I believe we are completely done testing the website. The freeze columns adjustment was the last step as far as risk management is concerned in completing the project. We believe we are now ready to roll this website out into production. Hunter Shively, desk director for the central gas trading desk, is very pleased with the site and is anxious to have his traders utilize the site. Thanks for all your help and hard work.