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[IMAGE] Fantasy Football Newsletter
November 16, 2001

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Welcome to another edition of the 2001 Fantasy Football Newsletter! The Fantasy Football newsletter will arrive in your e-mail inbox every Friday. We'll include news about the web site; tips on using all the features available; and answers to your player-related questions from the "Gridiron Guru." [IMAGE] Inside ? Plan for the Playoffs ? Game-by-Game Analysis ? Gridiron Guru ? Tip of the Week


Plan for the Playoffs The Fantasy season is nearing its end, and the playoffs are on the horizon. For Fantasy 2001 players, the playoffs begin with NFL week 15 (games of Dec. 22-23) and last two weeks, with the championship game in week 16 (games of Dec. 29-30.) If you're in a Football Commissioner league, go to Schedule, Playoffs to see when your playoffs start and how many rounds they last. Of course, the matchups are probably still not determined, so you may not see teams listed in the brackets. The commissioner of your league is responsible for adding the teams to your playoff brackets at the end of your regular season. If your team is still in contention, go to NFL Teams, Schedule and take note of the NFL teams with byes during your playoff weeks, so you know which players will be available if - and WHEN - your team competes in a playoff matchup.

Game-by-Game Analysis Go to Players, Game Log to see how a particular player did in each game this season. The player's statistics in the common categories will be displayed for each game. If you are breaking down free agents, the game log is great way to see who's been getting the most consistent production.

Gridiron Guru Welcome to Gridiron Guru, where we'll answer your questions about players and offer Fantasy Football roster advice. We invite you to send your own scouting reports and comments on players to: gridguru@commissioner.com . You'll get the chance to be heard by thousands of Fantasy players just like yourself!

Question - Mike Blake I'm having trouble filling my No. 2 WR spot. Should I start Az-Zahir Hakim, Todd Pinkston or Muhsin Muhammad in week ten? Answer - GG Hakim is a hit-or-miss type, so he's risky. Pinkston has done nothing in his last four games, and he's losing playing time to Freddie Mitchell. Muhammad bounced back from a few bad performances to catch six passes for 75 yards last weekend against St. Louis, and has had some past success against this week's opponent, San Francisco. Go with Muhammad.

Question - Russell Brown My league starts 2 QBs. Donovan McNabb is one of my starters. Who else should I start? I have Tom Brady, Vinny Testaverde and Doug Flutie. Answer - GG Testaverde's Fantasy value has taken a real hit this season because of the Jets' conservative offense. Flutie struggled last week against a bad Denver secondary, and won't have an easier time against Oakland. We'd suggest playing Brady, who will start against St. Louis despite the return of Drew Bledsoe. Brady has thrown 11 touchdowns in his last five games, and is playing too well to bench.

Question - Chris Gilcrest Who would you start at QB this weekend: Rich Gannon or Kerry Collins? Which one of these four RBs would you bench: Eddie George, Michael Pittman, Mike Anderson, Curtis Martin? Answer - GG Collins has the better matchup of the two QBs, but he's far too inconsistent to start over a player like Gannon. Oakland will be looking to bounce back from a subpar performance against Seattle, so look for Gannon to have a solid game. As for your second question, bench Mike Anderson. You can't bench Martin, no matter how bad the matchup may be. George has four touchdowns in his last three games against Cincinnati, and is worth starting despite his struggles this season; and Pittman's matchup against Detroit is too good to ignore.

Tip of the Week Keith Simmons, Boulder, CO: Can Terrell Davis ever stay healthy? He comes back and teases Fantasy owners with his solid play over the last two weeks, only to fall prey to another knee injury this past Sunday. He was once the best Fantasy player in the league, but now Davis is an unreliable, injury-prone shell of his former self.

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