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November 23, 2001

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Welcome to another edition of the 2001 Fantasy Football Newsletter! The Fantasy Football newsletter will arrive in your e-mail inbox every Friday. We'll include news about the web site; tips on using all the features available; and answers to your player-related questions from the "Gridiron Guru." [IMAGE] Inside ? Thanksgiving Football ? Sortable Standings ? Gridiron Guru ? Tip of the Week


Thanksgiving Football Remember that two NFL games will be played on Thursday: Packers vs. Lions at 12:30 PM ET and Broncos vs. Cowboys at 4:05 PM ET. Fantasy 2001 players, if you have players from these four teams on your roster, they must have their final status (active or reserve) set 5 minutes before the start of their game. Please keep in mind that you also will not be able to enter any new add/drops for the week starting one hour prior to Thursday's first kickoff. Football Commissioner players, check with your league's commissioner to see how your lineup deadline is handled this week.

Sortable Standings Did you know that every column on your Standings page is sortable? Click the category name at the top of any column to sort the report by the results of that category. In head- to-head leagues, the Standings report is displayed in order of the teams with the best win/loss percentage. However, you can click the PF (Points For) column to display the top point-scoring teams at the top; or the PA (Points Against) column to display, in descending order, the teams with the most fantasy points scored against them.

Gridiron Guru Welcome to Gridiron Guru, where we'll answer your questions about players and offer Fantasy Football roster advice. We invite you to send your own scouting reports and comments on players to: gridguru@commissioner.com . You'll get the chance to be heard by thousands of Fantasy players just like yourself!

Question - Marcus Howell Who would you start in Week 11: Brian Griese at Dallas or Jake Plummer at San Diego? Answer - GG Griese's receiving corps has been crippled by injuries this season, and with Rod Smith questionable with an ankle injury, the outlook gets dimmer. The Denver QB has been bothered by physical problems this year as well. Plummer seems like a better choice after a superb Week 10 outing. But remember that he was facing the 0-9 Lions, and Plummer has never been able to string many good performances together in the past. He will be facing a San Diego defense that will be primed for a good performance after getting burned badly by Oakland last week. Go with Griese, who should at least post respectable numbers at Dallas.

Question - Eric Fernau Which three running backs should I start? I have Corey Dillon, Ricky Williams, Duce Staley, Priest Holmes and Garrison Hearst. Answer - GG Dillon is a must-start player every week. Holmes is facing a Seattle defense that looks good statistically, but will have a lot of trouble containing him on the outside. Staley should have little trouble ripping through the Washington front wall. It's hard to ignore Hearst at Indianapolis or Williams in any week, but we like Dillon, Holmes and Staley, especially the latter in an NFC East game.

Question - Jay Rassat Who do I start this week at quarterback? I have Tom Brady, Aaron Brooks and Trent Green. The defenses they play against are all decent (N.O., N.E. and Seattle). Answer - GG Brady and Brooks square off against each other, and each is facing a secondary that can give up the big play. Green will be facing a Seattle team that won't offer much of a pass rush, but he is less explosive than Brooks or Brady. With Brady having the advantage of playing at home, and Drew Bledsoe looking over his shoulder, we'll go with the New England QB.

Tip of the Week Ryan Carter, Watertown, CT: Ricky Watters' decision to not have shoulder surgery is bad news for him, but great news for people like me, who have Shaun Alexander. I would not be surprised to see Watters not play again this year. Ricky's a great back, and I wish him well, but you cannot replace a back like Alexander.

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