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Subject:Commissioner.COM E-Reports for The Perfect League 12/23/01
Date:Sun, 23 Dec 2001 07:22:52 -0800 (PST)

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tes [IMAGE]Latest NFL Player News Jeff Graham , WR SD - oops, I did it ag=
ain Updated 12/23/01 Graham probably won't play Sunday at Kansas City becau=
se of the death of his father in a car accident, coach Mike Riley said Frid=
ay. If Graham doesn't play, Trevor Gaylor will start in his place and Nate =
Turner will be signed off the practice squad. The Chargers are already miss=
ing their No. 3 receiver, Tim Dwight, due to complications of a collapsed l=
ung. Antowain Smith , RB NE - The Guzzlers Updated 12/23/01 Smith rushed =
for a career-high 156 yards and a touchdown Saturday. He has been one of th=
e best runners in the AFC and will help carry your team to Fantasy glory. =
Steve McNair , QB TEN - North Blvd Nutwhackers Updated 12/23/01 McNair p=
layed Saturday despite suffering from back spasms all week. He played well,=
throwing a touchdown pass in the second half. Expect him to be a solid No.=
1 QB. Jeff Garcia , QB SF - The Guzzlers Updated 12/23/01 Garcia, whose p=
ractice time was limited all week, played in Saturday's game. He admitted a=
fterwards that he has a cracked rib. He played with extra padding, saying i=
t didn't greatly affect his throws. Garcia might not be at full strength in=
the remaining weeks but he will still be a solid No. 1 Fantasy QB. Eddie=
George , RB TEN - Thrill Kill Cult Updated 12/23/01 George played in Satur=
day's game despite suffering from an ankle injury. He left in the third qua=
rter because of a neck injury but returned to the game. Oronde Gadsden , W=
R MIA - Thrill Kill Cult Updated 12/23/01 Gadsden did not play in Saturday=
's game against the Patriots because of a hamstring injury. Chris Chambers =
started in his absence. Fred Beasley , RB SF - Free Agent Updated 12/23/01=
Beasley broke his right hand. He will probably be sidelined for the rest o=
f the regular season. Joe Horn , WR NO - The Lie Downs Updated 12/21/01 H=
orn is once again performing like an elite Fantasy receiver. He is a must-s=
tart player during the final weeks of the NFL season. Maurice Smith , RB =
ATL - Who's Yo Daddy Updated 12/21/01 A banged-up Smith hasn't done much st=
atistically in recent weeks. Don't depend on him during the Fantasy playoff=
s. Donald Hayes , WR CAR - Free Agent Updated 12/21/01 Hayes may step bac=
k into the forefront this week as the No. 1 wideout in place of Muhsin Muha=
mmad. He isn't very explosive, however, and won't help Fantasy teams much d=
uring Weeks 15 through 17. Chris Weinke , QB CAR - The Lie Downs Updated=
12/21/01 Consider Weinke as a backup during the Fantasy playoffs. He lacks=
the weapons to post better-than-average numbers, but he is a good option i=
f you need an emergency QB. Kurt Warner , QB STL - Who's Yo Daddy Updated=
12/21/01 Warner should guide many Fantasy teams to success during the play=
offs. Expect fine numbers from him the rest of the way. Rich Gannon , QB O=
AK - The Executioners Updated 12/21/01 Gannon has been a top-flight Fantasy=
QB this year. He will be a key player on many title teams, and should neve=
r be benched. Randy Moss , WR MIN - Meximullets Updated 12/21/01 Moss sta=
rted off slow this season but has once again been one of the best wideouts.=
Don't hesitate to start him during your playoff run. Marvin Minnis , WR K=
C - North Blvd Nutwhackers Updated 12/21/01 Minnis hasn't done much to help=
Fantasy owners this year. Don't use him during the remaining weeks of the =
NFL season. Michael Westbrook , WR WAS - The Snake Pit Updated 12/21/01 W=
estbrook has been inconsistent this season as a Fantasy player. He will be =
a good No. 2 at best during your playoffs. Rod Gardner , WR WAS - Not So N=
ice Machine Updated 12/21/01 Gardner has been very inconsistent this season=
. Unless you play in a deeper league, starting Gardner isn't advisable. =
Tony Richardson , RB KC - Free Agent Updated 12/21/01 Richardson hasn't bee=
n a consistent scoring threat this year. Don't use him during the Fantasy p=
layoffs. Tony Gonzalez , TE KC - The Executioners Updated 12/21/01 Gonzal=
ez hasn't played as well as expected this year. Still, he is too talented t=
o bench during the Fantasy playoffs. Brett Favre , QB GB - The Fat Bastar=
ds Updated 12/21/01 Favre has been one of the best QBs this season. Count o=
n him to help lead your team to Fantasy glory. Trent Green , QB KC - Mexim=
ullets Updated 12/21/01 Green has been an inconsistent Fantasy QB this year=
. He is a risky start during the rest of the season. Bill Schroeder , WR =
GB - Not So Nice Machine Updated 12/21/01 Schroeder has had a solid season.=
Look for him to be a reliable No. 2 wideout during your postseason. Matt =
Hasselbeck , QB SEA - Free Agent Updated 12/21/01 Hasselbeck has been a big=
disappointment this year. Don't use him during the Fantasy postseason. J=
ohnnie Morton , WR DET - The Lie Downs Updated 12/21/01 Morton has been inc=
onsistent this season but he will still be a solid No. 2 during the Fantasy=
playoffs. Keep him in your lineup. Reggie Wayne , WR IND - Meximullets Up=
dated 12/21/01 Wayne is healthy again, and showing signs of improvement. Bu=
t he is not accomplishing enough statistically to help most Fantasy teams. =
Amani Toomer , WR NYG - The Fat Bastards Updated 12/21/01 Toomer is havin=
g a bit of a down year, but his potential to post solid Fantasy numbers mak=
es him worth considering. He should be a solid No. 2 wideout during your pl=
ayoffs. Marvin Harrison , WR IND - The Snake Pit Updated 12/21/01 Harrison=
will be an important Fantasy player during the final weeks of the NFL seas=
on. He will have some good outings, even though the Colts are not in the pl=
ayoff race. Duce Staley , RB PHI - The Fat Bastards Updated 12/21/01 Stal=
ey started to play well late in the season. Be sure to keep him into your s=
tarting lineup. He will be an adequate back for the playoffs. Shawn Brys=
on , RB BUF - Free Agent Updated 12/21/01 Bryson will start in place of the=
injured Travis Henry this week. Consider him as a No. 2 RB if you need hel=
p at that spot. James Thrash , WR PHI - The Fat Bastards Updated 12/21/01=
Thrash was not very consistent during the regular season and may not catch=
a lot of TD passes in the final games of the NFL regular season. He will b=
e a No. 2 wideout at best during the Fantasy playoffs. More Updates Sche=
dule, Breakdown [IMAGE] The Executioners Player Pos Points Gannon, Rich Q=
B 45.0 Barber, Tiki RB 0.0 Davis, Stephen RB 0.0 Booker, Marty WR 0.0 Ca=
rter, Cris WR 0.0 Warrick, Peter WR 0.0 Gonzalez, Tony TE 0.0 Vinatieri,=
Adam K 8.0 Jets DT 0.0 [IMAGE] TOTAL 53.0 [IMAGE] Williams, Roland=
TE 12.0 Bledsoe, Drew QB 0.0 Brady, Tom QB 24.0 Canidate, Trung RB 0.0=
Connell, Albert WR 0.0 Jefferson, Shawn WR 0.0 Tomlinson, LaDainian RB =
0.0 [IMAGE] at The Fat Bastards Player Pos Points Favre, Brett QB 0.0 St=
aley, Duce RB 22.0 Williams, Ricky RB 0.0 Boston, David WR 0.0 Jackson, =
Willie WR 0.0 Toomer, Amani WR 0.0 Conwell, Ernie TE 0.0 Carney, John K=
0.0 Saints DT 0.0 [IMAGE] TOTAL 22.0 [IMAGE] Testaverde, Vinny QB =
0.0 Bennett, Michael RB 0.0 Glenn, Terry WR 0.0 Huntley, Richard RB 0.0 =
McAllister, Deuce RB 0.0 Thrash, James WR 6.0 Williams, Boo TE 0.0 [IM=
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