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MAGE]Latest NFL Player News James Thrash , WR PHI - The Fat Bastards Updat=
ed 12/27/01 Thrash is listed as questionable with an ankle injury, but he i=
s expected to play against the Giants. Patrick Jeffers , WR CAR - oops, I=
did it again Updated 12/27/01 Jeffers may see some increased playing time =
this week because of Muhsin Muhammad's persistent toe problems. Isaac Byrd,=
however, still should start in Muhammad's place. Sebastian Janikowski , =
K OAK - The Guzzlers Updated 12/27/01 Janikowski (groin) has been kicking i=
n practice. He is expected to play this week. Terrence Wilkins , WR IND -=
Free Agent Updated 12/27/01 Wilkins (hamstring) has returned to practice. =
He may be able to play this week. Stephen Alexander , TE WAS - Free Agent=
Updated 12/27/01 Alexander (leg) was placed on injured reserve, officially=
ending his season. Walter Rasby will continue to start in his place, but Z=
eron Flemister has emerged as the team's best receiving tight end with Alex=
ander out. Matt Hasselbeck , QB SEA - Free Agent Updated 12/27/01 The Sea=
ttle Times says Hasselbeck's season might be over. Mike Holmgren said he wo=
uld only use him in an emergency this week, and the Seahawks coach may elec=
t to have Hasselbeck use the season's final two games to rest his injured s=
houlder. Trent Dilfer will start at San Diego this week. Amos Zereoue , =
RB PIT - Free Agent Updated 12/27/01 Zereoue missed practice on Wednesday w=
ith a shoulder injury. He is listed as probable for this week. Todd Bouma=
n , QB MIN - Meximullets Updated 12/27/01 Bouman practiced without pads on =
Wednesday. If he cannot practice fully on Thursday, Spergon Wynn will get t=
he start this week. Keenan McCardell , WR JAC - One Man Show Updated 12/2=
7/01 McCardell is listed as probable with a thigh injury. He should be able=
to start this week. Chris Chambers , WR MIA - The Guzzlers Updated 12/27=
/01 Chambers is listed as questionable with an ankle injury. He practiced o=
n Wednesday and should be able to play this week. James McKnight , WR MIA=
- Free Agent Updated 12/27/01 McKnight is listed as questionable with an a=
nkle injury. He practiced and is hopeful of playing this week. Travis Min=
or , RB MIA - Free Agent Updated 12/27/01 The Miami Herald reports Minor wi=
ll get more work on offense this week. Lamar Smith will remain the starter,=
but the Dolphins are hoping Minor can inject some life into the offense. =
James Stewart , RB DET - The Lie Downs Updated 12/27/01 The Detroit Free P=
ress says Stewart is not expected to play this week because of a sprained a=
nkle. Lamont Warren and Cory Schlesinger will assume most of the workload i=
n his place. Mike McMahon , QB DET - Free Agent Updated 12/27/01 The Detr=
oit Free Press says McMahon is not expected to practice or play this week. =
Ty Detmer will start in his place. Brian Griese , QB DEN - Not So Nice Ma=
chine Updated 12/27/01 Griese told the Denver Post he is ready to take on t=
he Broncos, although Mike Shanahan questioned how effective he would be in =
his return. "How do you know with a concussion?" Shanahan said. "There shou=
ld be no side effects. Hopefully there's not. But we have learned a lot thr=
ough the years about concussions and h! ow! serious they can be, and hopefu=
lly that's something in the past and they won't reoccur." Aaron Shea , TE=
CLE - Free Agent Updated 12/27/01 Shea is expected to miss the season's fi=
nal two games with a shoulder injury. O.J. Santiago should remain in the st=
arting lineup in Shea's place. Akili Smith , QB CIN - Free Agent Updated =
12/27/01 Smith underwent surgery on his left hamstring. He is expected to b=
e ready for training camp next season and will compete for the starting job=
. Wesley Walls , TE CAR - The Snake Pit Updated 12/27/01 Walls is listed =
as questionable with a knee injury. He was expected to be evaluated again o=
n Thursday. Muhsin Muhammad , WR CAR - Not So Nice Machine Updated 12/27/=
01 Muhammad (turf toe) is not expected to play this week, and may miss the =
rest of the season. Isaac Byrd will likely start in his place again. Trav=
is Henry , RB BUF - The Lie Downs Updated 12/27/01 Henry will sit out agai=
n this week with a sprained knee. Shawn Bryson will start for the second co=
nsecutive week. Steve McNair , QB TEN - North Blvd Nutwhackers Updated 12=
/27/01 McNair missed practice Wednesday because of back pain. "I'm going =
to try to do some things tomorrow and hope it loosens up and not have as mu=
ch pain as I had today," McNair said. "I'm not going to go out and try to=
force the issue. If it's still sore and still tight where I can't have all=
my mechanics right, I'm not going to force the issue." The Titans list=
ed him as questionable yet again Wednesday, but McNair likely will play J=
erome Bettis , RB PIT - Who's Yo Daddy Updated 12/27/01 Bettis sat out Wedn=
esday's practice, and indicated he might not play in the regular season's f=
inal two games. "You want to take care of the injury first and if that mean=
s not playing, that means not playing," Bettis told the Pittsburgh Post-Gaz=
ette. "But you want to make sure you're healed up. The team playing as well=
as it has played allows me the opportunity to get healthy. I'm using it ve=
ry, very wisely." Martin Gramatica , K TB - One Man Show Updated 12/27/01=
Gramatica sat out practice Wednesday, but is expected to test his injured =
leg on Thursday. Doug Brien and Brad Daluiso worked out Wednesday for the B=
uccaneers, who might sign one if Martin Gramatica can't kick against the Ba=
ltimore Ravens this week. Matt Hasselbeck , QB SEA - Free Agent Updated 1=
2/26/01 Trent Dilfer will start this week in place of Hasselbeck, whose sep=
arated left shoulder is too sore for him to play. Coach Mike Holmgren sa=
id Wednesday that Hasselbeck aggravated the injury, which he's had since th=
e third week of the season, against the New York Giants last Sunday. "The=
re's a chance I might have him and he could play in an emergency-type situa=
tion, but he's pretty sore," Holmgren said. James Stewart , RB DET - The=
Lie Downs Updated 12/26/01 Stewart is day to day with a sprained ankle. Hi=
s status for this week's game is unclear. Jeff Graham , WR SD - oops, I d=
id it again Updated 12/26/01 Graham may miss his second consecutive game th=
is week because of the death of his father. With Tim Dwight (lung) still ai=
ling, Trevor Gaylor may have to start again. Skip Hicks , RB TEN - Free =
Agent Updated 12/26/01 Hicks is expected to miss this week's game with a ha=
mstring injury, and may miss the rest of the season. Eddie George should as=
sume a regular workload once again. Emmitt Smith , RB DAL - The Snake Pit=
Updated 12/26/01 Smith is day to day with a hip injury. He is expected to =
play this week. Peter Warrick , WR CIN - The Executioners Updated 12/26/0=
1 Warrick, who was benched late in last week's game, is expected to start. =
He has been a disappointment this year and Fantasy players should not use h=
im at this point of the postseason. Todd Bouman , QB MIN - Meximullets U=
pdated 12/26/01 Bouman (thumb) may attempt to practice late in the week. Hi=
s status remains unclear for this week's game, and Spergon Wynn is availabl=
e to start if needed. More Updates NFL Reports, Transactions [IMAGE] 12=
/28 NFL Fined Minnesota Vikings receiver Randy Moss $10,000 for a repeate=
d taunting offense in a December 16 game against Detroit; fined Kansas City=
Chiefs linebacker Donnie Edwards $12,500 for an unnecessary roughness pen=
alty in a December 16 game against Denver. 12/27 NFL Fined Pittsburgh St=
eelers wide receiver Hines Ward $10,000 for taunting during a December 11=
game against Baltimore. Cleveland Browns Placed fullback Aaron Shea on=
injured reserve; activated defensive end Derrick Ham from the practice squ=
ad. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Signed kicker Doug Brien to a one-year contrac=
t; placed safety Eric Vance on injured reserve. 12/26 Arizona Cardinals =
Placed guard Pete Kendall on injured reserve; signed tight end-long snapper=
Nathaqn Hodel from the practice squad. Detroit Lions Signed linebacker =
Eugene McCaslin to the practice squad. Kansas City Chiefs Agreed to term=
s on a three-year contract with wide receiver Reggie Jones ; signed cornerb=
ack Ahmad Hawkins to the practice squad. Miami Dolphins Signed linebacke=
r Corey Moore to a two-year contract; placed linebacker Derrick Rodgers on=
injured reserve. 12/24 Denver Broncos Waived wide receiver Keith Poole=
; signed cornerback Delvin Hughley and guard Michael Moore. 12/23 Kansas=
City Chiefs Signed safety Shaunard Harris from the practice squad. Tra=
nsactions, View [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Make Selection [IMAGE] [IMAGE]=
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ions, View page. Schedule, Breakdown [IMAGE] The Executioners Player =
Pos Points Gannon, Rich QB 45.0 Barber, Tiki RB 11.0 Davis, Stephen RB 1=
3.0 Booker, Marty WR 10.0 Carter, Cris WR 11.0 Warrick, Peter WR 1.0 Gon=
zalez, Tony TE 3.0 Vinatieri, Adam K 8.0 Jets DT 12.0 [IMAGE] TOTAL =
114.0 [IMAGE] Williams, Roland TE 12.0 Bledsoe, Drew QB 0.0 Brady, Tom =
QB 24.0 Canidate, Trung RB 0.0 Connell, Albert WR 0.0 Jefferson, Shawn =
WR 3.0 Tomlinson, LaDainian RB 22.0 [IMAGE] at The Fat Bastards Player P=
os Points Favre, Brett QB 42.0 Staley, Duce RB 22.0 Williams, Ricky RB 6=
.0 Boston, David WR 4.0 Jackson, Willie WR 10.0 Toomer, Amani WR 19.0 Co=
nwell, Ernie TE 10.0 Carney, John K 3.0 Saints DT 0.0 [IMAGE] TOTAL =
116.0 [IMAGE] Testaverde, Vinny QB 49.0 Bennett, Michael RB 4.0 Glenn, =
Terry WR 0.0 Huntley, Richard RB 13.0 McAllister, Deuce RB 1.0 Thrash, J=
ames WR 6.0 Williams, Boo TE 10.0 [IMAGE] Copyright 2001 Commissioner.=
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