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MAGE]Latest NFL Player News Matt Hasselbeck , QB SEA - Free Agent Updated =
12/26/01 Trent Dilfer will start this week in place of Hasselbeck, whose se=
parated left shoulder is too sore for him to play. Coach Mike Holmgren s=
aid Wednesday that Hasselbeck aggravated the injury, which he's had since t=
he third week of the season, against the New York Giants last Sunday. "Th=
ere's a chance I might have him and he could play in an emergency-type situ=
ation, but he's pretty sore," Holmgren said. James Stewart , RB DET - Th=
e Lie Downs Updated 12/26/01 Stewart is day to day with a sprained ankle. H=
is status for this week's game is unclear. Jeff Graham , WR SD - oops, I =
did it again Updated 12/26/01 Graham may miss his second consecutive game t=
his week because of the death of his father. With Tim Dwight (lung) still a=
iling, Trevor Gaylor may have to start again. Skip Hicks , RB TEN - Free =
Agent Updated 12/26/01 Hicks is expected to miss this week's game with a ha=
mstring injury, and may miss the rest of the season. Eddie George should as=
sume a regular workload once again. Emmitt Smith , RB DAL - The Snake Pit=
Updated 12/26/01 Smith is day to day with a hip injury. He is expected to =
play this week. Peter Warrick , WR CIN - The Executioners Updated 12/26/0=
1 Warrick, who was benched late in last week's game, is expected to start. =
He has been a disappointment this year and Fantasy players should not use h=
im at this point of the postseason. Todd Bouman , QB MIN - Meximullets U=
pdated 12/26/01 Bouman (thumb) may attempt to practice late in the week. Hi=
s status remains unclear for this week's game, and Spergon Wynn is availabl=
e to start if needed. Wesley Walls , TE CAR - The Snake Pit Updated 12/26=
/01 Walls is day to day with a knee injury. He should be able to play this =
week. Muhsin Muhammad , WR CAR - Not So Nice Machine Updated 12/26/01 Muh=
ammad is still battling a turf toe injury. His status for Week 16 is still =
unclear. Larry Parker , WR KC - Not So Nice Machine Updated 12/26/01 Park=
er's season is over. He will undergo surgery on his shoulder and the Chiefs=
are expected to place him on injured reserve. Oronde Gadsden , WR MIA -=
Thrill Kill Cult Updated 12/26/01 Gadsden (hamstring) might miss his secon=
d consecutive game this week. Chris Chambers may start in his place again. =
Fred Taylor , RB JAC - Not So Nice Machine Updated 12/26/01 Taylor (groin=
) has returned to practices and is working with the scout team. He might ap=
pear in the team's final game, and is a longshot to play this week. He has =
missed too much playing time to warrant serious Fantasy consideration at th=
is point of the playoffs. Rod Smith , WR DEN - oops, I did it again Upda=
ted 12/26/01 Smith (ankles) has returned to practice. He is expected to pla=
y this week. Raghib Ismail , WR DAL - Free Agent Updated 12/26/01 Ismail =
is recovering from a mild concussion. He is expected to play this week. J=
oey Galloway , WR DAL - Not So Nice Machine Updated 12/26/01 Galloway is da=
y to day with a hip injury. He is expected to play this week. Bert Emanue=
l , WR DET - Free Agent Updated 12/26/01 Emanuel is day to day with an ankl=
e injury. His status for the upcoming week is unclear right now. James Mc=
Knight , WR MIA - Free Agent Updated 12/26/01 McKnight is day to day with a=
n ankle injury. He is expected to play this week. Mark Brunell , QB JAC -=
Not So Nice Machine Updated 12/26/01 Brunell is day to day with a quadrice=
ps injury. He is expected to play this week. Mike McMahon , QB DET - Free=
Agent Updated 12/26/01 McMahon may miss some practice time this week with =
a foot injury. His status for this week's game is unclear right now, and Ty=
Detmer will start in his place if he can't play. Jason Brookins , RB BAL=
- Not So Nice Machine Updated 12/26/01 Brookins may be able to return for =
Baltimore's final game. For now, Terry Allen and Moe Williams will continue=
to split carries. Jerome Bettis , RB PIT - Who's Yo Daddy Updated 12/25/=
01 Bettis is listed as questionable for Week 16. However, he may be able to=
return to the Steelers' starting lineup. Bill Cowher said Bettis is progre=
ssing, and he will be used this week if healthy. James Stewart , RB DET -=
The Lie Downs Updated 12/23/01 Stewart suffered a sprained ankle early in =
Sunday's game at Pittsburgh. He was replaced by Lamont Warren in the first =
quarter, and Stewart did not return. Cameron Cleeland , TE NO - Free Agen=
t Updated 12/23/01 Cleeland injured his Achilles tendon on Sunday. He is no=
t expected to play again this season. Ahman Green , RB GB - Thrill Kill C=
ult Updated 12/23/01 Green left Sunday's game in the fourth quarter with la=
bored breathing. He was replaced by Dorsey Levens. Todd Bouman , QB MIN -=
Meximullets Updated 12/23/01 Bouman was able to start Sunday's game, but h=
e re-injured his thumb in the first quarter and was replaced by Spergon Wyn=
n. Wesley Walls , TE CAR - The Snake Pit Updated 12/23/01 Walls was able =
to play in Sunday's game despite an ankle injury, but he left the game befo=
re halftime after spraining his left knee. Martin Gramatica , K TB - One=
Man Show Updated 12/23/01 Gramatica injured his hamstring in the fourth qu=
arter on Sunday. The Buccaneers may sign a free agent kicker to replace him=
in Week 16. Todd Bouman , QB MIN - Meximullets Updated 12/23/01 Bouman is=
now listed as probable for Sunday's game. He should be able to start again=
st the Jaguars, but he may play with some pain in his thumb. Jeff Graham =
, WR SD - oops, I did it again Updated 12/23/01 Graham probably won't play =
Sunday at Kansas City because of the death of his father in a car accident,=
coach Mike Riley said Friday. If Graham doesn't play, Trevor Gaylor will s=
tart in his place and Nate Turner will be signed off the practice squad. Th=
e Chargers are already missing their No. 3 receiver, Tim Dwight, due to com=
plications of a collapsed lung. Antowain Smith , RB NE - The Guzzlers Upd=
ated 12/23/01 Smith rushed for a career-high 156 yards and a touchdown Satu=
rday. He has been one of the best runners in the AFC and will help carry yo=
ur team to Fantasy glory. More Updates Teams, Player News [IMAGE]The=
Executioners Player News Peter Warrick , Active WR Updated 12/26/01 Warri=
ck, who was benched late in last week's game, is expected to start. He has =
been a disappointment this year and Fantasy players should not use him at t=
his point of the postseason. Rich Gannon , Active QB Updated 12/21/01 Gan=
non has been a top-flight Fantasy QB this year. He will be a key player on =
many title teams, and should never be benched. Tony Gonzalez , Active TE =
Updated 12/21/01 Gonzalez hasn't played as well as expected this year. Stil=
l, he is too talented to bench during the Fantasy playoffs. Marty Booker =
, Active WR Updated 12/21/01 Booker has been one of the better receivers in=
the NFC. Look for him to produce solid numbers in the Fantasy postseason. =
Stephen Davis , Active RB Updated 12/21/01 According to the Pro Football =
News and Injury Report, Davis' status for Sunday's game is questionable rig=
ht now. He has told reporters he will play, but Ki-Jana Carter will start i=
n his place if Davis can't play. Albert Connell , Reserve WR Updated 12/1=
7/01 Connell will be officially suspended for the remainder of the season b=
y the team, league sources told SportsLine.com. Connell was a major disappo=
intment for Fantasy leaguers this year. Cris Carter , Active WR Updated 1=
2/16/01 The Lions held Carter to 30 yards on three catches. Still, the vete=
ran receiver is too experienced and potentially productive to bench during =
any week of the Fantasy playoffs. Tiki Barber , Reserve RB Updated 12/16/=
01 Barber compiled 130 scrimmage yards against Arizona, but he was held out=
of the end zone. Barber will continue to be a focal point of the Giants' o=
ffense, however, and will be a valuable player to have during the Fantasy p=
layoffs. Tom Brady , Reserve QB Updated 12/16/01 Brady had another disapp=
ointing game, throwing for 237 yards, no TDs and an interception at Buffalo=
. All of a sudden, the New England QB appears to be a Fantasy risk during t=
he most important weeks of the year. LaDainian Tomlinson , Active RB Updat=
ed 12/16/01 Tomlinson had only 69 all-purpose yards on Saturday against Oak=
land. He seems to be wearing down somewhat, which makes him more and more o=
f a risk for Fantasy owners. Shawn Jefferson , Reserve WR Updated 12/14/0=
1 Jefferson (back) has returned to practice. He is now listed as probable f=
or Sunday's game, but Brian Finneran has started to take some of his reps a=
s the team's No. 3 receiver. Roland Williams , Reserve TE Updated 12/13/01=
Williams is day to day with knee and ankle injuries. He is expected to pla=
y on Saturday. Jets , Active DT Updated 12/03/01 CB Aaron Glenn may miss u=
p to four weeks with a sprained medial collateral ligament in his right kne=
e. His loss may mean the defense will blitz more often to protect the secon=
dary, but the unit may also allow more passing yards in the next few games.=
Drew Bledsoe , Reserve QB Updated 11/14/01 Bledsoe has been cleared to pl=
ay, but Tom Brady will start against the Rams. Bledsoe said he will try and=
prove he is ready to play by performing well in practice, but it doesn't a=
ppear likely he will get a chance to start. But the future past Week 10 app=
ears to be unclear, and there is no guarantee Brady will hold onto the job =
past the Rams game. Trung Canidate , Reserve RB Updated 11/11/01 Canidate =
got almost all of the carries in the second half of Sunday's game against C=
arolina. With St. Louis way ahead, coach Mike Martz obviously rested stud b=
ack Marshall Faulk, who had 183 yards rushing and two touchdowns in the fir=
st half. Canidate finished the game with 145 yards rushing and a touchdown.=
However, don't expect Canidate to get as much playing time in games where =
the score isn't so one-sided. Adam Vinatieri , Active K Updated 12/13/00 =
Vinatieri has been one of the league's most accurate placekickers in recent=
weeks, converting on 18 of his last 19 field goal attempts. He should get =
his chances against the Bills this week, especially if Buffalo's defense st=
ruggles like it did on Monday night. Unless you have one of the league's el=
ite kickers on your roster, giving Vinatieri the start is a good idea. [I=
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