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Date:Sat, 17 Nov 2001 09:36:01 -0800 (PST)

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Updates [IMAGE]Latest NFL Player News Correll Buckhalter , RB PHI - The =
Lie Downs Updated 11/17/01 Buckhalter has been suspended for this weekend's=
game against Dallas. He is one of three Eagles who will be held out of the=
game. Brian Mitchell will likely serve as Duce Staley's backup. Jamal Lew=
is , RB BAL - Free Agent Updated 11/17/01 According to published reports, L=
ewis has been suspended for four games. Lewis' four-game suspension went in=
to effect on Friday and he will not be allowed to work out or reh! ab! ilit=
ate with the team for four weeks, or until Dec. 17. Instead, Lewis will wor=
k toward recovering from a torn ACL in Tennessee. Tyrone Wheatley , RB OA=
K - One Man Show Updated 11/16/01 Wheatley (knee) is out for Sunday's game =
with the Chargers. Charlie Garner will once again be Oakland's feature back=
. Zack Crockett may be used in goal-line situations. Frank Wycheck , TE TE=
N - North Blvd Nutwhackers Updated 11/16/01 According to published reports,=
Wycheck is expected to play half of Sunday's game against Cincinnati. That=
makes him a risky start from a Fantasy perspective. Steve McNair , QB TEN=
- North Blvd Nutwhackers Updated 11/16/01 McNair's status is still in ques=
tion for Sunday's game against Cincinnati due to an injured right thumb. He=
threw the ball during individual drills Friday, and according to published=
reports, is likely to play despite not being 100 percent. We don't recomme=
nd McNair this week as a result. Emmitt Smith , RB DAL - The Snake Pit Upd=
ated 11/16/01 Smith will return to the lineup Sunday against Philadelphia a=
fter missing two games with a sprained right knee. Cowboys Head Coach Dave =
Campo said after Friday's practice that Smith would "be ready to play the m=
ajority of the game." His return bumps Troy Hambrick to fullback, but we wo=
uldn't recommend you use either back against the stingy Eagles rush defense=
. Frank Sanders , WR ARI - North Blvd Nutwhackers Updated 11/16/01 Sanders=
(hamstring) was added to the NFL injury report on Friday and is now listed=
as questionable for Sunday's game against Detroit. However, if you're com=
pletely desperate for a wideout in a larger league this week, Sanders' matc=
hup against a vulnerable Detroit secondary is worth considering as long as =
he's abl! e ! to play. Chris Weinke , QB CAR - The Lie Downs Updated 11/=
16/01 According to published reports, Weinke will be the starting quarterba=
ck for Sunday's game against San Francisco. However, he's not worth startin=
g on your Fantasy team. Daunte Culpepper , QB MIN - The Lie Downs Updated=
11/16/01 Culpepper is one pace for a good Fantasy season despite the lack =
of consistency in Minnesota's offense this season. He's one of the better q=
uarterbacks in the league from a Fantasy perspective, and should be in your=
starting lineup on a weekly basis. Cris Carter , WR MIN - The Executione=
rs Updated 11/16/01 Carter's numbers may be down somewhat this season, but =
he's still too good to ever consider benching. The veteran has a knack for =
finding the end zone, and should have a good game against rookie CB Will Al=
len and the Giants' secondary on Monday night. Randy Moss , WR MIN - Mexi=
mullets Updated 11/16/01 Moss is listed as probable for Monday's game again=
st the N.Y. Giants due to an ankle injury. He's been underachieving this se=
ason, but it's almost impossible to bench him based on his potential to pos=
t solid Fantasy numbers. Ricky Williams , RB NO - The Fat Bastards Update=
d 11/16/01 Williams is one of the better Fantasy backs in the league, and i=
s a good player to use on a weekly basis. He'll face an Indianapolis defens=
e that has been underachieving all season long, so Williams is a must-start=
. Aaron Brooks , QB NO - The Snake Pit Updated 11/16/01 Brooks had a bi=
g game against San Francisco last weekend, throwing for 347 yards and two s=
cores. He may be a bit inconsistent this season, but his potential to post =
huge numbers makes it tough to bench him, especially against a vulnerable I=
ndianapolis defense. Willie Jackson , WR NO - The Fat Bastards Updated 1=
1/16/01 Jackson put up a huge game against San Francisco last weekend, post=
ing 11 catches and 167 yards receiving. He'll face a questionable Indianapo=
lis squad that is vulnerable to the pass in Week 10, so starting Jackson th=
is week is a solid option. Stephen Davis , RB WAS - The Executioners Upd=
ated 11/16/01 Davis has stepped up his play after beginning the season slow=
ly. He's averaged 112 yards rushing over his last four games, and is once a=
gain emerging as a reliable Fantasy player. Give him the start in Week 10 a=
gainst a Denver defense that is vulnerable to high scoring games. Tony Ba=
nks , QB WAS - Free Agent Updated 11/16/01 Banks has played well of late, t=
hrowing five touchdowns in his last three games. He's got a good matchup th=
is weekend against a Denver team that can be beaten through the air, but he=
's only worth considering in very deep Fantasy leagues. Michael Westbrook=
, WR WAS - The Snake Pit Updated 11/16/01 Westbrook has been inconsistent =
this season, but he has caught three touchdown passes in his last four game=
s. He'll face a Denver secondary this weekend that is vulnerable at best, s=
o starting him in deeper leagues is worth considering. Rod Gardner , WR W=
AS - Not So Nice Machine Updated 11/16/01 Gardner has been held in check in=
his last two games, catching only three passes for 38 yards. He does have =
a favorable matchup this weekend against Denver, however, so starting him i=
s a good move. Az-Zahir Hakim , WR STL - Thrill Kill Cult Updated 11/16/0=
1 Hakim has been inconsistent in recent weeks, so starting him on your Fant=
asy team is a gamble unless the matchup is right. He'll go up against a tou=
gh New England secondary in Week Ten, so avoid using him outside of deeper =
leagues. Torry Holt , WR STL - One Man Show Updated 11/16/01 Holt continu=
es to put up consistent yardage totals, but he's only scored only three tou=
chdowns this season. He'll face a tough New England secondary this weekend,=
but he's still worth starting on your Fantasy team ba! se! d on his potent=
ial to put up solid numbers. Isaac Bruce , WR STL - The Guzzlers Updated =
11/16/01 Bruce hasn't put up the huge Fantasy totals this season, but he's =
still one of the better wideouts in the league. He'll face CB Ty Law and th=
e formidable New England secondary, but he's still worth starting based on =
his potential for big numbers. Marshall Faulk , RB STL - oops, I did it a=
gain Updated 11/16/01 Faulk had a huge game against Carolina, proving that =
he is still the best Fantasy player in the league. He's a must-start every =
week, and should post solid numbers in Week 10 against New England. Ernie=
Conwell , TE STL - The Fat Bastards Updated 11/16/01 Conwell has had a few=
down weeks, so starting him on your Fantasy team is somewhat of a gamble. =
With the lack of depth at tight end around the league, however, starting Co=
nwell is something many Fantasy owners will have no choice but to do. Ric=
hard Huntley , RB CAR - The Fat Bastards Updated 11/16/01 Huntley will be t=
he likely starter this weekend against San Francisco, but don't be surprise=
d if he splits carries with Nick Goings. Avoid starting either back in Week=
10 if at all possible. Donald Hayes , WR CAR - Meximullets Updated 11/16=
/01 Hayes had only two catches for 11 yards last weekend against St. Louis.=
He's been unreliable for Fantasy owners this season, so starting him is a =
real gamble. Wesley Walls , TE CAR - The Snake Pit Updated 11/16/01 Wall=
s has been held in check over the last three weeks, but he's still one of t=
he better tight ends in the league. He's had some success against San Franc=
isco in the past, so starting him is advisable. Muhsin Muhammad , WR CAR =
- Not So Nice Machine Updated 11/16/01 Muhammad finally had a somewhat prod=
uctive game, catching six passes for 75 yards against St. Louis. He's had s=
ome success in the past against this week's opponent, San Francisco, so sta=
rting him is a decent move. Brett Favre , QB GB - The Fat Bastards Update=
d 11/16/01 Favre! h! as been one of the best Fantasy quarterbacks in the le=
ague this season. He'll face an Atlanta team on Sunday with a very vulnerab=
le secondary, so be sure to start Favre this week. Bubba Franks , TE GB -=
Who's Yo Daddy Updated 11/16/01 Franks may not put up huge yardage numbers=
, but his seven touchdowns in eight games makes him a valuable Fantasy play=
er. Unless you have a better option on your roster, Franks is the type of t=
ight end that should start on a weekly basis. Bill Schroeder , WR GB - N=
ot So Nice Machine Updated 11/16/01 Schroeder (ankle) is not listed on the =
NFL injury report, and is expected to start on Sunday against Atlanta. He's=
a solid play this week against Atlanta, whose secondary is vulnerable to s=
trong passing teams like Green Bay. More Updates Teams, Rosters [IMAGE]=
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] The Executioners Phillip Love Player TM Pos Status Nex=
t Bye Gannon, Rich OAK QB Active SD Week 6 Tomlinson, LaDainian SD RB Act=
ive @OAK Week 17 Davis, Stephen WAS RB Active @DEN Week 9 Carter, Cris MI=
N WR Active NYG Week 8 Warrick, Peter CIN WR Active TEN Week 8 Booker, Mar=
ty CHI WR Active @TB Week 3 Williams, Roland OAK TE Active SD Week 6 Vina=
tieri, Adam NE K Active STL Week 16 Jets NYJ DT Active @MIA Week 11 Brady=
, Tom NE QB Reserve STL Week 16 Bledsoe, Drew NE QB Reserve STL Week 16 B=
arber, Tiki NYG RB Reserve @MIN Week 12 Canidate, Trung STL RB Reserve @N=
E Week 8 Connell, Albert NO WR Reserve IND Week 2 Jefferson, Shawn ATL WR=
Reserve @GB Week 7 Gonzalez, Tony KC TE Reserve bye Week 10 Total Active=
Players: 9 Total Reserve Players: 7 NFL Injuries for The Executioners Upd=
ated Player Team Pos Injury Expected Retur! 11/14/01 Bledsoe, Drew NE QB =
Internal injuries Will not start on Sunday [IMAGE] Copyright 2001 Commissi=
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