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Subject:Commissioner.COM E-Reports for The Perfect League 11/20/01
Date:Tue, 20 Nov 2001 20:28:27 -0800 (PST)

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Summary [IMAGE]Big 12 Division Team W L T Pct Back Strk Div Wks PF Back PA=
The Guzzlers 6 4 0 0.600 0.0 W1 4-1-0 1.0 1333.0 92.0 1262.0 The Lie Down=
s 5 5 0 0.500 1.0 W1 2-3-0 1.0 1286.0 139.0 1333.0 Meximullets 4 6 0 0.40=
0 2.0 L4 3-2-0 1.0 1425.0 0.0 1465.0 oops, I did it again 4 6 0 0.400 2.0 =
W1 3-2-0 0.5 1331.0 94.0 1287.0 One Man Show 4 6 0 0.400 2.0 W1 2-3-0 1.0 =
1206.0 219.0 1227.0 Thrill Kill Cult 2 8 0 0.200 4.0 L2 1-4-0 0.0 1034.0 3=
91.0 1301.0 SEC Division Team W L T Pct Back Strk Div Wks PF Back PA The Fa=
t Bastards 8 2 0 0.800 0.0 L1 4-1-0 0.0 1343.0 82.0 1196.0 The Executioner=
s 7 3 0 0.700 1.0 W5 2-3-0 2.0 1421.0 4.0 1314.0 Who's Yo Daddy 7 3 0 0.7=
00 1.0 W6 2-3-0 1.0 1346.0 79.0 1224.0 The Snake Pit 5 5 0 0.500 3.0 L1 3-=
2-0 0.5 1329.0 96.0 1397.0 North Blvd Nutwhackers 4 6 0 0.400 4.0 L1 2-3-0=
1.0 1309.0 116.0 1241.0 Not So Nice Machine 4 6 0 0.400 4.0 L1 2-3-0 1.0 =
1211.0 214.0 1327.0 Statistics, Scoring [IMAGE]The Executioners Actives P=
layer Pos Scoring Score Gannon, Rich QB 25 PaCmp (25 Pts), 311 PaYd (20 Pt=
s), 4 PaTD (10,12,30,20) (24 Pts), 1 PaInt (-3 Pts), 15 RuYd (1 Pt) 67.0 Da=
vis, Stephen RB 84 RuYd (8 Pts), 1 Recpt (1 Pt) 9.0 Tomlinson, LaDainian =
RB 68 RuYd (6 Pts), 1 RuTD (1) (6 Pts), 3 Recpt (3 Pts) 15.0 Booker, Marty =
WR 7 Recpt (7 Pts), 165 ReYd (13 Pts), 3 ReTD (28,44,66) (20 Pts) 40.0 Car=
ter, Cris WR 10 Recpt (17 Pts), 46 ReYd (2 Pts), 1 ReTD (1) (6 Pts) 25.0 W=
arrick, Peter WR 3 Recpt (3 Pts), 29 ReYd (1 Pt) 4.0 Williams, Roland TE =
1 Recpt (1 Pt), 23 ReYd (1 Pt) 2.0 Vinatieri, Adam K 1 FG (33) (3 Pts), 2 =
XP (2 Pts) 5.0 Jets DT 3 Int (12 Pts), 2 DTD (60,63) (16 Pts), 3 SACK (6 P=
ts), 2 DFR (8 Pts), PA (10 Pts) 52.0 [IMAGE] TOTALS 219.0 The Execu=
tioners Reserves Player Pos ST Scoring Score Barber, Tiki RB RS 55 RuYd (5=
Pts), 1 RuTD (1) (6 Pts), 4 Recpt (4 Pts), 52 ReYd (2 Pts) 17.0 Bledsoe, D=
rew QB RS 0.0 Brady, Tom QB RS 19 PaCmp (19 Pts), 185 PaYd (9 Pts), 1 P=
aTD (10) (6 Pts), 2 PaInt (-6 Pts) 28.0 Canidate, Trung RB RS 0.0 Connel=
l, Albert WR RS 0.0 Gonzalez, Tony TE RS 0.0 Jefferson, Shawn WR RS =
3 Recpt (3 Pts), 57 ReYd (2 Pts) 5.0 [IMAGE] TOTALS 50.0 NFL Rep=
orts, Player Updates [IMAGE]Latest NFL Player News Shaun Alexander , RB S=
EA - Not So Nice Machine Updated 11/20/01 With Ricky Watters expected to mi=
ss another two to three weeks, Alexander will remain the focal point of man=
y contending Fantasy teams during their charge to the playoffs. He should r=
oll up some fine numbers against the Chiefs this week. Tom Brady , QB NE -=
The Executioners Updated 11/20/01 The Patriots will stick with Brady for n=
ow, and Drew Bledsoe will remain the team's No. 2 QB. "I don't see any chan=
ge! s ! this week," coach Bill Belichick said. Brady is a solid Fantasy sta=
rter right now, but add Bledsoe to your roster as an insurance policy if yo=
u can. Jonathan Quinn , QB JAC - Free Agent Updated 11/20/01 Quinn may hav=
e to start in place of Mark Brunell (quadriceps) again this week. Brunell's=
status is still unclear for Sunday's game. Ricky Watters , RB SEA - North=
Blvd Nutwhackers Updated 11/20/01 Watters' shoulder has not sufficiently h=
ealed enough for him to practice, says the Seattle Times . He is not expect=
ed to return for another two to three weeks, meaning Shaun Alexander will c=
ontinue to be a key performer for many Fantasy teams as the postseason come=
s into view. Doug Flutie , QB SD - Thrill Kill Cult Updated 11/20/01 Mike =
Riley told the San Diego Union-Tribune there is no QB controversy involving=
Flutie and rookie Drew Brees. "Doug is going to be our quarterback," he sa=
id. "You can talk about controversy all you want, but there is none within =
this building. He is our quarterback. He will start. He will get us the nex=
t win the next week." Still, Flutie is not playing well enought to satisfy =
most Fantasy owners. Mark Bruener , TE PIT - Free Agent Updated 11/20/01 B=
ruener will miss the rest of the season after undergoing shoulder injury. H=
is loss may adversely affect Jerome Bettis' statistics, because Bruener is =
widely regarded as the best run-blocking tight end in football. Tyrone Whe=
atley , RB OAK - One Man Show Updated 11/20/01 Wheatley told the Contra-Cos=
ta Times he is no longer being bothered by a knee injury. He expects to pla=
y on Sunday. Erron Kinney , TE TEN - Free Agent Updated 11! /2! 0/01 Kinne=
y (calf) may play this week after missing three games. He was expected to r=
eturn to practice early this week. Frank Wycheck , TE TEN - North Blvd Nut=
whackers Updated 11/20/01 Wycheck (calf) will be limited in practice this w=
eek. He may be a risky start in Week 11. Steve McNair , QB TEN - North Blv=
d Nutwhackers Updated 11/20/01 The Tennessean says McNair's hand was sore w=
hen he arrived at the team's practice facility on Monday. Jeff Fisher now s=
ays he doesn't expect him to miss any pr! ac! tice time this week. Derric=
k Alexander , WR KC - Who's Yo Daddy Updated 11/20/01 Alexander (ribs) has =
returned to practice. He is expected to start against Seattle. Marvin Minn=
is , WR KC - North Blvd Nutwhackers Updated 11/20/01 Minnis (ankle) is list=
ed as doubtful for Sunday's game. Larry Parker may have to start in his pla=
ce, Reggie Wayne , WR IND - Meximullets Up! da! ted 11/20/01 Wayne has a =
sprained knee ligament, and is doubtful for Sunday's game against New Orlea=
ns. Terrence Wilkins may have to start in his place. Jerome Pathon , WR IN=
D - The Snake Pit Updated 11/20/01 Pathon (foot) is done for the season. He=
will be put on injured reserve. Reggie Wayne (knee) is also hurting, meani=
ng Terrence Wilkins might have to be moved back into the starting lineup. =
Jay Fiedler , QB MIA - Meximullets Updated 11/20/01 Dave Wannstedt told th=
e Miami Herald there is no ! QB! controversy surrounding Fielder and backup=
Ray right now. ``That's kind of hypothetical,'' he said. ``Jay is the star=
ter, and my only comment is we're going to get it squared away and play tur=
nover-free football.'' Rod Smith , WR DEN - oops, I did it again Updated 1=
1/20/01 Mike Shanahan said he does not know if Smith (ankle) will be suffic=
iently healed to play in Thursday's game against the Cowboys. "We'll get a =
chance to evaluate that during the week and see," Shanahan told the Denver =
Post. "If he can help our football team, he'll play. If he's in a situation=
where he can't perform at the level that we think can help our team, then =
we'll keep him out and put somebody else in." Benjamin Gay , RB CLE - Fre=
e Agent Updated 11/20/01 The Cleveland Plain-Dealer says Butch Davis won't =
indicate how much Gay will play in the near future. "We'll try to get him i=
nvolved in some of the games," Davis said. "We'll see." Kevin Lockett , W=
R WAS - Free Agent Updated 11/20/01 Lockett, who suffered a rib injury last=
weekend against Denver, expects to play on Sunday against Philadelphia. Ho=
wever, the wide receiver has no real value as a Fantasy player at this poin=
t. Tony Banks , QB WAS - Free Agent Updated 11/20/01 Barring any setbacks=
, Banks will start Sunday's game against Philadelphia. Banks, who suffered =
a concussion last weekend vs. Denver, hasn't been feeling any after effects=
of the injury and should be under center for the 'Skins. Jacquez Green ,=
WR TB - The Guzzlers Updated 11/20/01 Green (abdomen) is expected to retur=
n to practice on Wednesday at full strength. He's been inconsistent this se=
ason, and is best used when the matchup is favorable. Terrell Owens , WR =
SF - Meximullets Updated 11/20/01 Owens suffered a sprained left knee and a=
nkle during the overtime session of last weekend's game against Carolina. T=
he injuries aren't considered serious, however, and Owens is expected to be=
in the starting lineup on Sunday Indianapolis. Cecil Martin , RB PHI - O=
ne Man Show Updated 11/20/01 Martin suffered a hamstring injury during Sund=
ay's game against Dallas. He'll miss a few days of practice, but is expecte=
d to play in this weekend's game against Washington. Martin has no real val=
ue as a Fantasy pla! ye! r, but he is a key blocker for Duce Staley. Gia=
nts , DT NYG - North Blvd Nutwhackers Updated 11/20/01 According to the New=
York Post, cornerback Jason Sehorn's surgically-repaired right knee began =
giving him problems again this past weekend. In fact, the team was unsure t=
hat he'd be able to cover either Randy Moss or Cris Carter on Monday night,=
but he played anyway. If he continues to play on a bad wheel, you should c=
onsider starting any receivers opposing Sehorn the rest of the season. El=
vis Grbac , QB BAL - Thrill Kill Cult Updated 11/20/01 ! The Baltimore Sun =
says there is no indication that Grbac will be replaced as the team's start=
ing QB. Still, he is not performing well enough to start for most Fantasy t=
eams. Donald Driver , WR GB - Free Agent Updated 11/20/01 Driver is still =
dealing with a thigh injury, and is expected to miss Thursday's game agains=
t Detroit. The reserve wideout has no real value as a Fantasy player at thi=
s point. Ravens , DT BAL - The Snake Pit Updated 11/20/01 Defensive end =
Michael McCrary will miss the rest of the season after undergoing knee ! su=
! rgery. His loss will certainly lower the sack output of the Baltimore def=
ense and may mean the team will allow more passing yardage than usual. C=
owboys , DT DAL - Free Agent Updated 11/20/01 Linebacker Dexter Coakley, wh=
o was expected to miss two weeks due to a sprained knee, will likely get th=
e start on Thursday after being out for just one game. He'll help keep Denv=
er's running game in check, but don't expect his presence to give Dallas' d=
efense added Fantasy value as a whole. Emmitt Smith , RB DAL - The Snake =
Pit Updated 11/20/01 Smith (knee) will start on Thursday's game against Den=
ver. "I'm not 100 percent, but I'm healthy enough to do my job," Smith told=
the Dallas Morning Star. He'll struggle to post solid Fantasy numbers due =
to Dallas' horrid passing game, so bench him this week if at all possible. =
Donald Hayes , WR CAR - Meximullets Updated 11/20/01 Hayes suffered bru=
ised ribs during Sunday's game against San Francisco. He may miss some prac=
tice time this week, but he's expected to play this weekend against Atlanta=
. The Falcons secondary is one of the worst in the league, so Hayes could t=
urn into a good sleeper pick in Week 11. Terry Hardy , TE ARI - Free Agen=
t Updated 11/20/01 Hardy is expected to return to practice this week after =
missing three games due to shoulder injury. However, he is not certain to p=
lay on Sunday against San Diego. More Updates [IMAGE] Copyright 2001 Co=
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