Enron Mail

To:kam.keiser@enron.com, m..love@enron.com, scott.palmer@enron.com,d..winfree@enron.com
Subject:Netco Sitara Access
Date:Tue, 8 Jan 2002 14:04:52 -0800 (PST)

Security access for the "Estate" will be the same as Production currently is.
Access for "Netco" will have to be set up from scratch.
Can each of you give me a list of the people that should have access to "Netco".
Access is still preliminarily being set up on a West, East, Central and Texas regional basis.
Included in the list should be Risk, Logistics, Trading and anyone else that you know of that you want to have access to your region..

The plan is to have a large mass set up, additional updates will be handled under eRequest, under the new application region code "Houston - Netco"
(This name will be changed later)

Any questions or comments, please give me a call.