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Date:Tue, 8 Jan 2002 06:27:03 -0800 (PST)

thanks for letting me know. I'll keep you updated!

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< I passed this on to my boss and he is not interested at this time. Thanks
< for sending it and please keep me up to date on any opportunities you see
< that look good. Thanks.
< PL
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< I appreciate your help. Thanks!
< Financial Control and Reporting: |
< 1. Coordinate with Middle and Front Office to ensure proper capture
< reporting of Profit and Loss for all mark to market and accrual books.
< 2. Oversee preparation of various trading reports for all levels of
< management. |
< 3. Help develop accounting specific systems to automate current and
< future duties. (FAS 133)
< 4. Responsible for keeping abreast of all technical accounting issues
< and how they will impact deal flow and capture.
< 5. Provide variance analysis of profit and loss statements, as well
< explanations of main profit and loss drivers
< Risk Accounting: |
< 1. Analyze and develop mark to market reserves - Identify areas of risk
< embedded in the trading portfolio that would require additional
< and work to establish mathematical calculations to support the reserve
< amounts. |
< 2. Coordinate with Middle and Front office personnel to ensure large
< origination deals are captured and accounted for correctly in the
< forward mark. Analyze any potential accounting issues and resolve with
< Deloitte and Touche. |
< 3. Create meaningful reports that allow management to gain an
< understanding of the trading results and, additionally, provide
< variance analysis of major balance sheet moves.
< 4. Maintain an effective relationship with IT to ensure Risk
< is apprised of all system issues that will impact the accounting
< Analyze the Risk Accounting journal entries for proper accounting
< treatment and adherence to standards
< General:
< 1. Responsible for maintaining adequate workloads for individual
< and recognize when additional resources are needed. |
< 2. Participate in college recruiting efforts.
< 3. Act as a liaison between all groups in Front, Middle and Back
< to ensure proper communication occurs and all departments are informed
< on current issues. |
< |4. Motivate staff to consistently perform at high levels.
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