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Subject:What's New for Blue from American Express?
Date:Wed, 21 Nov 2001 17:20:48 -0800 (PST)

=09 [IMAGE] [IMAGE] What's New for Blue from American Express [IMAGE] [I=
MAGE] November 2001 =09=09
[IMAGE]=09 Dear Phillip Love, [IMAGE] American Express Cards We send thi=
s e-mail approximately once a month to help you get the most out of Blue f=
rom American ExpressSM. If you do not wish to receive these e-mails, pleas=
e refer to our Customer Service information below. To keep up with Blue's =
latest offers, go to americanexpress.com/igotblue right now. [IMAGE] Beat =
the Rush with Blue?Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Shopping TODAY! What?=
s Up in this E-mail? [IMAGE] ? Enroll in Membership Rewards OptionsSM=
?Earn Rewards! ? Enjoy Savings This Holiday Season When You Transfer Ba=
lances! ? 30% MEGASavings at Virgin Megastores with Blue! ? Europea=
n Getaways & Free Gifts?Treat Yourself this Holiday Season! ? Add Someo=
ne to Your Blue Account! ? Call to Receive Your Year-End Summary! ? =
Receive and Pay Your Bill Online [IMAGE] Blue Opportunity [IMAGE]=
logo Enroll in Membership Rewards Options?Earn Rewards! [IMAGE] Based on f=
eedback from Cardmembers like you, we have upgraded the BlueLoot
rewards program to Membership Rewards Options from American Express. You =
will earn one point for virtually every dollar you charge with Blue from Am=
erican Express. Join today and you will enjoy a host of exciting advantage=
s: [IMAGE] ? Fee-free! ? More retail rewards choices ? =
Additional rewards categories, including hotel, car rental and airline =
rewards ? Points have no expiration dates ? Access to po=
ints online or in your monthly billing statement ? Points can be r=
edeemed online or by phone [IMAGE] Visit americanexpress.com/bluerewards=
to start earning today! [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] logo Enjoy Saving=
s This Holiday Season When You Transfer Balances! [IMAGE] As a Blue from Am=
erican Express Cardmember, we know how important it is for you to be in con=
trol of your finances. There's no better way to be in control than by tran=
sferring your high-rate credit card balances to your Blue account. It's the=
smart way to save money. [IMAGE] See your special low rate on balance tran=
sfers. [IMAGE] Take advantage of this offer before January 1, 2002 to get=
your special low rate on balance transfers. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE=
] logo 30% MEGASavings at Virgin Megastores with Blue! [IMAGE] From Novemb=
er 22 through December 26, 2001 your Smart Chip activates an automatic savi=
ngs of 30% on virtually everything at Virgin Megastores.* It's good on all=
CDs, DVDs, videos, books, magazines, clothing accessories?and even on elec=
tronics, like portable CD Players. Find holiday gifts for your family, frie=
nds, coworkers, and yourself. The only thing you need to bring is Blue! Cli=
ck here for more details! [IMAGE] No Virgin Megastore nearby? You can sti=
ll get great music and $3 off on everything GetMusic.com offers. Take adva=
ntage of these savings . [IMAGE] *Void where prohibited. Offer valid 11/22/=
01-12/26/01 at participating Virgin Megastores. Cafe and gift card purchas=
es are excluded from the 30% off offer. Purchases in excess of $5000 maximu=
m limit are not eligible for 30% discount. CoolBlueOffers [IMAGE] l=
ogo European Getaways & Indulgent Gifts? Treat Yourself this Holiday Season=
! [IMAGE] Get 10% off every Virgin Atlantic vacation package purchased with=
Blue from American Express. Virgin Altlantic offers incredible travel pac=
kages to Britain and beyond at GREAT prices. Give yourself and that specia=
l someone a trip of a lifetime this holiday season! Book your trip today .=
[IMAGE] logoGet a free packette of Salt Rub? Smoothing Body Scrub from Or=
igins. Just purchase $50 or more with Blue from Origins.com and you'll rec=
eive your free gift! Treat yourself today . [IMAGE] Check out more great =
CoolBlueOffers for this holiday season from merchants such Gap, Sharper Im=
age, and Bluelight.com. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] logo Add Someone to=
Your Blue Account! [IMAGE] One of the greatest privileges of Blue is the=
ability to share it?with family members, friends, or anyone you choose. A=
dd someone to your account, with no annual fee, and let them share the con=
venience, security, and benefits of Blue. [IMAGE] Apply now to add an Add=
itional Card to your Blue account [IMAGE] Increase your earning power! Enro=
ll your Blue and any Additional Cards into Membership Rewards Options and s=
tart earning points for every dollar anyone on your account spends. Just ca=
ll 1-800-AXP-EARN today! [IMAGE] The Additional Cardmember must be 18 or o=
lder, and must never have had a defaulted account with American Express. A=
ny account you have with American Express must not be in default. [=
IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] logo Call to Receive Your Year-End Summary! [IMAGE]=
The Blue from American Express Year-End Summary is an invaluable tool for =
keeping track of your yearly spending and for tax preparation and personal =
money management. Your charges are sorted into categories, such as Airline,=
Lodging, Restaurant and Retail Purchases. The summary also provides spendi=
ng activity for each Additional Cardmember you may have on your account. [I=
MAGE] You must call the number on the back of your card by December 8, 2001=
to receive the summary of your account activity by March 2002. Please be p=
repared to give your account number and mention code 008. If you have alrea=
dy enrolled last year, you will automatically receive the summary for this =
year. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] logo Receive and Pay Your Bill Online!=
[IMAGE] If you want a simple and efficient way to manage your Blue accoun=
t, sign up to receive your Blue bill online. You'll have access to your ac=
count information anytime, anywhere. We'll even send you an e-mail reminder=
each month when your statement is ready so you can view it right away, ins=
tead of waiting for it to arrive in the mail. [IMAGE] And, paying your bi=
ll has never been easier. With this fee-free service, simply decide how muc=
h to withdraw from your enrolled checking account each month to pay your B=
lue bill. It's safe, secure and ready whenever you are. [IMAGE] Visit am=
ericanexpress.com/paperless to sign up for Online-Only statements and Pay =
by Computer. [IMAGE] Note: Please allow up to two days to have payments po=
sted to your account. When you sign up for either Pay by Phone or Pay by Co=
mputer, you are automatically enrolled in the other. Only some Consumer Car=
ds are eligible to receive the Online Statement. Customer Service for=
Blue! NEW! Now you can change your billing address, change your e-mail a=
ddress, request archived statements and more?all online with secure Custome=
r Service on the Web. You will be asked to log in to protect your privacy.=
If you are not registered, please click the "Register Now" button. [IMAGE]=
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