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Guess this should not come as a suprise to us. Unfortunately, rumor has it
today Dubose will be fired.
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From: Bryan Hull
11/01/2000 08:14 AM

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One of the saddest parts of the demise of Alabama coach Mike DuBose is his
growing inability to control the bad apples in the program.
A few of Alabama's players, sensing DuBose's lame-duck status, have been
acting like thugs. The latest example of the inmates running the asylum:
On the final play of the Tide's loss to Central Florida, senior fullback
Dustin McClintock blocked Central Florida freshman Commer Rucker to the
ground, sat on him and reportedly punched him several times in the face.
DuBose told one reporter he didn't want to comment until he spoke to
According to media reports in Alabama, DuBose is "concerned" that something
like that had happened for the second week in a row. Concerned enough to
take harsh disciplinary action such as suspending the guilty party for part
of the next game?
Cheap shots are getting to be a habit at Bama. In the closing minutes of the
Tennessee game, Alabama's Hirchel Bolden took out his frustrations with a
shot to the chin of UT punter David Leaverton, who was nearly 45 yards from
where the punt was rolling on the turf. Leaverton required 9 stitches to his
Because no penalty was called, some Tide supporters defended Bolden. The
following day, DuBose said such behavior wouldn't be tolerated. However, his
threat rings hollow because he never backed it up with stiff sanctions.
McClintock obviously never got the message. His actions and DuBose's
reaction (or lack thereof) speak volumes about the state of the Tide's