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Subject:FW: Auburn Alumni Board Disaster
Date:Mon, 23 Oct 2000 08:47:00 -0700 (PDT)

How ashamed I am to read this.

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Subject: FW: Auburn Alumni Board Disaster

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Subject: FW: Auburn Alumni Board Disaster

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< Do you know anything about all of this stuff?
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< UHCL is not the only one...
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< Subject: Auburn Alumni Board Disaster
< This is from the Chronicle of Higher Ed
< Resa
< As Accusations Fly, Judge Orders Auburn Alumni Association to Hold New
< Election
< By COURTNEY LEATHERMAN <mailto:courtney.leatherman@chronicle.com<
< An election for new members of the Auburn Alumni Association's board
< turned so ugly Saturday that first the voting was postponed and then,
< after a state judge was called in, the whole thing was scrapped. The judge
< ordered the association to hold a new election in two weeks.
< Voting for a new slate of alumni leaders is traditionally a low-key
< affair, but it turned into high drama when an alternative slate of
< candidates was put forward at the last minute and at least 150 people
< showed up to vote. Beneath all the accusations -- that proxies were
< improperly collected and that fax machines were jammed to prevent opposing
< votes -- is the real issue: Next month, voters in Alabama will decide
< whether to amend the state constitution to change the way that Auburn's
< trustees are elected. If the referendum passes, as it is expected to,
< leaders of the alumni association will have a say in the selection of
< trustees.
< The amendment calls for the creation of a nominating committee consisting
< of the governor, two trustees, and two directors of the alumni
< association's board. Currently, trustees are appointed by the governor.
< On Saturday, seven nominees -- a new president, vice president, and five
< other members -- were to have been elected to the association's board. The
< slate, which was put forward in July by the association's nominating
< committee, included some people who have pushed for changes in the way
< that Auburn's trustees are elected. The proposed changes on this year's
< ballot include a measure that would establish term limits for Auburn's
< trustees and that would allow alumni who live outside of Alabama to serve
< as trustees, as well as involve alumni leaders in the selection of
< trustees. That's the legislation that will go before voters.
< Less than a week before the alumni association vote was to take place, an
< alternative slate for all the posts but president was put forward by the
< nominee for president, Golda McDaniels. Ms. McDaniels could not be reached
< for comment, but critics of the new slate believe that Ms. McDaniel was
< nervous about whether she would really be elected and sought proxy votes
< in her behalf from many alumni, including a controversial and long-time
< Auburn trustee, Robert E. Lowder.
< Mr. Lowder has opposed efforts to change the way trustees are selected,
< and his critics speculate that he saw an opening when Ms. McDaniels asked
< for his support: He planned to get her to put forward a whole new slate
< for all the other posts to be elected by proxy votes. The suggestion is
< that Mr. Lowder wanted to "take over" the alumni association so he and his
< allies could maintain control over the Board of Trustees.
< "We failed to realize the steps that Mr. Lowder will go to to not allow
< any alumni involvement in the election of trustees," said Andy Hornsby, a
< nominee to the alumni association's board and an outspoken advocate of
< changing the trustee-selection process.
< Mr. Lowder called the charges "ridiculous." He said his only involvement
< was that Ms. McDaniel had asked for his proxy vote and he had agreed to
< give it. "I was just trying to help the lady," he said, noting that she
< would be the first woman elected president of the alumni association. "I
< get blamed for everything over there," he said. Mr. Lowder accused the
< supporters of the original slate of improperly adjourning the meeting
< because they didn't have enough proxy votes to win.
< While Auburn's homecoming game against Louisiana Tech was going on, alumni
< leaders were meeting in Lee County Circuit Court, where Judge Jake Walker
< denied Ms. McDaniel's request to reconvene the election meeting and her
< request to end the period for proxy votes. Instead, the judge told the
< alumni association to hold a new election.
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