Enron Mail

Subject:changing deal locations
Date:Tue, 30 Jan 2001 06:03:00 -0800 (PST)

I have a favor to ask. Would you mind asking your team to email or phone me
when they make a location change on a deal in sitara. We had a case
yesterday where a deal was originally entered at one location for the deal
and for the hedge. The point was incorrect and a person in logistics
corrected it. The problem occurs in that sitara looks to verify the
locations are the same on the deal and the hedge and if they are, it will
then value the deal in the trader's book at mid. If the locations are
different, it will value the deal at the customer price. This could
potentially have a large impact on the trader's P&L. It does not seem
pertinent to have your guys changing swap locations in addition to changing
deal locations due to time constraints. We will be more than happy to make
the changes, and we should also be able to catch these problems in the first
place when we calc our books. I would greatly appreciate your groups help in
cutting some of these issues off at the pass. If you have any questions or
concerns, please feel free to give me a shout. Thanks.