Enron Mail

To:scott.goodell@enron.com, ed.mcmichael@enron.com
Subject:Interconn Resources
Date:Wed, 19 Dec 2001 08:45:48 -0800 (PST)

Scott and Ed,

Per a minibook I ran as of 11/30/01 (w/ the one deal corrected that ENA had misbooked), the value due to Enron should be $214,000 (Dec'01 - Dec'03). This value is PV'd at LIBOR not 10% as requested by the counterparty. The value does not include attorney's fees requested by Interconn of $1,500. In addition, Interconn would need to pay the November '01 invoice due to Enron of approximately $1MM. The final settlement will need to be approved by the Creditor's Committee before Enron can agree to alleviate Interconn of their contractual obligations regardless if the settlement value is agreed upon by both counterparties. Let me know if the counterparty has any further discrepancies with the value I calculated above.