Enron Mail

Date:Wed, 17 Oct 2001 08:09:44 -0700 (PDT)


That's really weird that you never heard back from Steve. Next time I talk to him I'll ask him what's up. Maybe he never got it...who knows.

Life is good. We find out next week what we are having...can't wait. I have held off buying anything until then. This week I have to go clothes shopping.....I hate shopping (believe it or not). I am finally starting to show, and not just look fat, so that's good. Nothing much else is new.

I can't even believe my parents are going to Vegas...I am certain my mom won't want to go back. She will think it's a waste of time/money, but my dad loves it.

How is Jackson? What is up to now? I am sure he can carry on a full conversation by now. Every time I see Auburn on TV I think about you and calling...but figure probably not a good idea b/c you are busy watching the game. Catch 22...