Enron Mail

To:m..love@enron.com, scott.palmer@enron.com, d..winfree@enron.com,c..giron@enron.com
Subject:unused books
Date:Mon, 28 Jan 2002 13:36:22 -0800 (PST)

There is a file under Netco for all currently unused books, rolls and hedge strips. O:\erms\erms_adm\netco\unused books. Rather than deleting these, they will remain here until they are needed. The NGP&L will link to these, once they are needed we will start saving it to the regions file and the links will be updated.

There is also a hedgestrip saved for each book to the live and unused books files.

We should also start creating a common file for each region to post the P&L to the website. Let's try to keep these the same format. East has a good file that shows new deals and curveshift. West used a macro to pull in finished P&L's instead of updating links which eliminated some problems, Randy could help with this. Figure out what format you want and use that for all regions. I think everyone agrees that we don't want to give them a positions file like in the past, they should use TDS for that.

I believe the TRV website should be ready to go tomorrow so we can set up the users and report #'s then.