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Subject:RE: April Liquidation QZ0764
Cc:phillip.love@enron.com, melba.bowen@enron.com
Bcc:phillip.love@enron.com, melba.bowen@enron.com
Date:Thu, 10 May 2001 03:08:00 -0700 (PDT)

There has to be an adjustment in TAGG, because both the FT ONT and FT NY
books have captured this value and received the offsetting liquidation. If
the IM NY and IM ONT books have offsetting value you can roar reclass the

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From: Mausser, Gregory
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 9:32 AM
To: Little Jr., Jim
Cc: Love, Phillip; Bowen, Melba
Subject: April Liquidation QZ0764

Jim, Were you able to locate this liquidation for April. I realize it has
been booked in TAGG between FT books, however, can you somehow get the value
in IM Ontario? Let me know if I can provide you with any additional
information that will help resolve this issue.
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Gregory A Mausser 05/03/2001 05:37 PM

To: Jim Little/HOU/ECT@ECT
cc: Phillip M Love/HOU/ECT@ECT
Subject: April Liquidation QZ0764


P. Love informed me that we should see a liquidation (QZ0764) in the Ontario
Region intended to offset an Interdesk deal between IM Ontario and IM New
England where we forced the purchase. Looks like it was booked in TAGG
between FT-Ontario and FT-NY.

Can we find the liquidation and show in IM Ontario?