Enron Mail

Date:Tue, 19 Sep 2000 06:50:00 -0700 (PDT)

Welcome to Alamo's Quicksilver service!

We are in receipt of your Quicksilver Master Rental
Agreement Profile (MRA) submitted through our Web site.

Your Quicksilver I.D. Number is: FG122RPN9

You may begin using Quicksilver immediately by
following these steps:

1. Call your travel agent or Alamo At 800-882-5266
to make a reservation or visit us at alamo.com Please be sure to provide
your Quicksilver I.D. Number. (We have already added your Quicksilver I.D.
Number to your upcoming reservation(s) where applicable.)

2. Proceed directly to the Quicksilver kiosk and
insert your personal billing card. Choose from available options or simply
print your rental contract.

3. The first rental transaction will require your
signature to complete your Quicksilver enrollment. Please hand this
signature form to the designated Alamo representative.

You will receive your Quicksilver card within 1-2
weeks. However, you may also use the credit card(s) listed in your Master
Rental Agreement Profile to access the Quicksilver kiosk. All rentals
initiated with the Quicksilver card will be billed to the first credit card
listed; rentals initiated with the pre-registered credit card will be billed
to that credit card.

Thank you for visiting our Web site and enrolling in
Alamo's Quicksilver service.