Enron Mail

Subject:Enron Mid-Year 2000 Performance Management Process
Date:Sun, 14 May 2000 13:51:00 -0700 (PDT)

Enron's Mid-Year 2000 Performance Management Process has begun. During this
process, you will be required to select suggested reviewers who can provide
performance related feedback on you and you may also be requested to provide
feedback on fellow employees. You will need to do this by accessing the
Performance Management System (PEP) at http://pep.enron.com .

Any questions should be directed to the PEP Help Desk at the following

In the U.S.: 1-713-853-4777, Option 4
In Europe: 44-207-783-4040, Option 4
In Canada: 1-403-974-6724 (Canada employees only)

Or e-mail your questions to: perfmgmt@enron.com

To log on to PEP, enter your User ID and password provided below.

Once you have logged on, you will be immediately prompted to change to a
secure password.

Your User ID & Password are:

User ID: PLOVE5817

Password: WELCOME