Enron Mail

Subject:Re: Hey
Date:Mon, 17 Apr 2000 08:20:00 -0700 (PDT)

Oh....the old profit and loss. I haven't had to deal with that nightmare
MBA, which I can say I am happy about. No, I did not throw away any pictures
you. Just Tom and the 2 I have of Justin (a.k.a. ass). I would never do
Should I even toy with the statement "things would be alot different"? Just
kidding!! No, I am sure we would be the best of friends like always. Hey, do
you still have that picture your mom took of us forever ago? Back in the day?
Just curious....sometimes I like to see how much I have aged! About coming
home, I have no immediate plans for a visit. I have been swamped. My wedding
plans are coming along good and I am getting ready to move into Jason's (Dad
not too happy about that one). I think I will be in there by the second week
May. Anyhow, as soon as some time frees up I will come home. When I do, do
think you really will have a free schedule.....doubt that one!! Family life
am sure) keeps you busy. Hopefully this time I will be able to see your
one. OK, I am going to say one more thing I shouldn't (but what the
heck).....Ashley gave me a picture of me holding Jackson and I couldn't help
wonder what if. Sorry if that is bad.....but one day all of that will be
Jason is completely wonderful..

04/17/2000 08:18 PM GMT

To: Rachel M. Bonilla@Andersen Consulting
Subject: Re: Hey

Profit and Loss. I forgot that you are in the touchy feely are of
corporate life. The new position is very challenging and educational so
I just found out that the last rockets game is on Wednesday of this week
and I have my softball league on that night. I guess I will have to record
it and watch it later. Oh, Well.
That is great about Kelly. We have no immediate plans to add to the
family. The one is keeping us plenty busy as it is.
I hope you didn't throw out any pictures of me last night(that would be
rude). I am sure if we lived closer that things would be a lot different
and we would interact a lot more(outta site outta mind).
Do you have any plans to come back to town anytime soon? Be sure and give
me some notice so that I can clear the old schedule. Talk to you soon.

rachel.m.bonilla@ac.com on 04/17/2000 11:37:25 AM

To: Phillip.M.Love@enron.com
Subject: Re: Hey

OK, not to be stupid but...what are P&Ls??? I suppose the management
world does not use that. Well, I guess I figured that you would be staying
Houston. Are you happy in your new position? If you ever did come up
here, it
would be fabulous!! Maybe we will settle on visits for now.

Dad would be really happy to go to the Rockets last game. They were in
here last Tues., but I was in Seattle for work.

How are you liking your new house? Are you and Ashley planning on any more
kids? Any time soon? Kelly Houge is preg. and is due November 28. It
will be
weird not having her at my wedding.....

I was going through pictures last night....throwing out the ones that had
ex-boyfriends in them....and thought of you. Not the ex-boyfriend
part...but I
did run into pics with you in them. I really wish that we could be more a
of each other's lives. It would be fun....maybe one day you really will
take a
job out here. Wishful thinking I suppose!!


Tell Jimmy hi for me!! Is he dating??

04/11/2000 05:50 PM GMT

To: Rachel M. Bonilla@Andersen Consulting
Subject: Re: Hey

I got jimmy on last October. He seems to be enjoying it.

The new stadium is phenomenal. It really looks like an old time park. I
need to call you dad and see if he wants to go to the rockets season
finale. Rumor has it that Charles is going to play so that he can walk off
the court on his own power.

I just took another job within enron working for the east desk doing daily
gas P&L's. Should be challenging with high exposure. So, it looks like we
will not be coming to denver any time soon, with the exception of this

Your dad did look a little different, but I got used to it pretty quick. I
am sure it will be a little more difficult for you. Take care.

rachel.m.bonilla@ac.com on 04/10/2000 10:11:36 AM

To: "Phillip M Love" <Phillip.M.Love@enron.com<
Subject: Hey

Hey!! So, how is the new field? Were you able to make it on opening day?
parents really enjoyed it. Speaking of, what do you think of my Dad
without any
facial hair? They are coming up to visit this month and I am afraid to see

I noticed that Jimmy (from your email) is working for Enron...when did this

Are you still looking to transfer here....hurry up!!!!!