Enron Mail

Subject:Financial Termination Master List
Date:Thu, 24 Jan 2002 07:00:23 -0800 (PST)

See attached file as requested. These are all of the Financial Terminations that were requested to be moved to the Bankruptcy Book.

Below is the additional list of termination moves requested yesterday after a reconciliation was done on the Exposure report (from Don Miller) against the termination log.

CP ID Counterparty

8 Amerada Hess Corporation
64516 Avista Corporation
55265 Avista Energy, Inc.
65291 BP Corporation North America Inc.
23848 Cabot Oil & Gas Marketing Corporation
79689 Calpine Energy Services, L.P.
5264 Cargill, Incorporated
65599 CMS Field Services Inc.
56630 Consolidated Edison Solutions, Inc.
52577 Cornerstone Propane, L.P.
64141 NJR Energy Services Company
151 Northern Illinois Gas Company
69121 NRG Power Marketing Inc.
63665 Occidental Energy Marketing, Inc. *********
54438 PG&E Energy Trading, Canada Corporation
58402 PG&E Energy Trading-Gas Corporation
46709 Phibro Inc.
55776 Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.
33367 PMI Trading, LTD
49262 Questar Energy Trading Company
65268 Reliant Energy Services, Inc.
103469 Sequent Energy Management, L.P.
3996 Sithe Energies, Inc.
26146 Societe Generale
11134 St. Mary Land & Exploration Company
81385 The New Power Company
37810 Venoco, Inc.
96651 Vitol Capital Management Ltd.
46924 Vitol S.A.
232 Western Gas Resources, Inc.
237 Wisconsin Power And Light Company

Call with any questions.

Kim Theriot
x. 31771