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Subject:Fwd: Even if you don't like "forwards"-- read this one!!
Date:Mon, 11 Dec 2000 04:42:00 -0800 (PST)

Glad to hear this. read the whole story, hopefully it is true.

---------------------- Forwarded by Phillip M Love/HOU/ECT on 12/11/2000
12:41 PM ---------------------------

Bruce Mills@ENRON
12/11/2000 12:03 PM
To: Phillip M Love/HOU/ECT@ECT, Kevin Meredith/Corp/Enron@ENRON, Derek
Subject: Fwd: Even if you don't like "forwards"-- read this one!!

True or not, I can't say, but the thought itself is chilling.
<Even if you do not have little kids, pass this one on to everyone you can
<think of. You never know who you might save by sending this e-mail! Please
<take the time and forward this to any friend who
<has children and grandchildren! Thanks!
<I wanted to share something that happened today while shopping at Sam's
<Club. A mother was leaning over looking for meat and turned around to find
<her 4 yr. old daughter was missing. I was standing there right beside her,
<and she was calling her daughter with no luck. I asked a man who worked at
<Sam's to announce it over the loud speaker for Katie. He did, and let me
<he immediately walked right past me when I asked and went to a pole where
<there was a phone.
<He made an announcement for all the doors and gates To be locked, a code
<something. So they locked all the doors at once. This took all of 3
<after I asked the guy to do this. They found the
<little girl 5 minutes later in a bathroom stall. Her head was half shaved,
<and she was dressed in her underwear with a bag of clothes, a razor, and
<sitting on the floor beside her to make her look different.
<Whoever this person was, took the little girl, brought her into the
<bathroom, shaved half her head, and undressed her in a matter of less than
<10 minutes. This makes me shake to no end.
<Please keep a close eye on your kids when in big places where it's easy for
<you to get separated. It only took a few minutes to do - all of another 5
<minutes and she would have been out the door.
<I am still in shock that some sick person could do this, let alone in a
<matter of minutes.
<The days are over when our little ones could run rampant all over the place
<and nothing worse would happen then them annoying people. The little girl
<is fine. Thank God for fast workers who didn't
<take any chances.
<OUT THERE!!! (This happened at the Sam's Wholesale Club in Omaha,
<This message has been added to the story above:
<I received this e-mail from one of my friends today. Let me first tell you
<that I work at the Sam's club in Lincoln, NE. The code that was spoken of
<is called a &quot;Code Adam&quot; It is named after John Walsh's (of
<Americas most wanted) son Adam who was kidnapped and murdered many
<years ago. It is used in all Sam's Clubs, Wal-marts, and Wal-mart super
<centers to locate lost children.
<This is how it works. If by some means you have been separated with your
<child tell the nearest employee! The employee will page a &quot;Code
<Adam&quot; (missing child in the store) over the
<intercom system followed by a description of the child (height, weight,
<color, age, name, etc).
<When that page goes out all the exits are immediately guarded, and/or
<in some cases, also every employee will stop whatever they are doing no
<matter what it is and help look for the missing child. This will continue
<until the child is found. If the child is not found within a reasonable
<time then the police are notified and the store will conduct a aisle by
<aisle search.
<So if ever you are separated from your child now you know what to do.
<Missing children pictures hang by the exits of all Wal-mart and Sam's Club
<stores, please take a few minutes to look these over as you leave, you just
<might have seen one of the children on them and you might be the one to
<give there parents hope and give the police a new lead in finding them.
<Thank you.
<Rudy Magee
<Sam's Club #6413
<Lincoln, NE

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