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Subject:Sweet sixteen scores
Date:Mon, 19 Mar 2001 03:42:00 -0800 (PST)

Sorry it has taken so long to get the scores out. After 4 days in Vegas,
please check your scores - I am still in a daze. Kansas - please forward
attachment to your friend Kris, Denver forward to Josh Stevens and John
Swinney please forward to Rob Fullen. Here are the list of people I still
need money from:
Josh Stevens
Denver Plachy
Jimmy Simien
Eric Bass
Jason Wolfe

Money must be to me by COB Wednesday or your entry is forfeited(if your score
is bad and you do not pay I will not put you in any pool in the future).

Right now the pot is $410(assuming everyone pays) so the break down is
$307.50 and $102.50 for first and second respectively.

The following people need to give me a tiebreaker number for the final game
by COB Today(total score for final game):
Jason Wolfe
Denver Plachy
Scott Earnest
Chad South
Doug Friedman
John Nowlan
Lee Jackson
John Swinney
Rob Fullen
Josh Stevens

If I do not get a tiebreaker from you and you tie for first, you will
automatically get second and if you tie for second you are out of the money.

Again, please verify your score and let me know of any discrepancies - 1 pt.
first round victory, 2 pts. second round victory and upset gets seed

Thanks everyone for playing.