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Subject:FW: HFMA Exec-u-Trak Opportunities and Annual Option
Date:Mon, 17 Dec 2001 08:59:37 -0800 (PST)

take a look at them.

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Subject: FW: HFMA Exec-u-Trak Opportunities and Annual Option

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Subject: HFMA Exec-u-Trak Opportunities and Annual Option
Exec-u-Trak is currently working on over 50 positions in the following states:
Ohio California Minnesota Pennsylvania Michigan Arkansas Texas
Louisiana Washington Tennessee Illinois Florida Virginia Alabama
Arizona South Carolina Missouri New York
Open positions cover a wide range of responsibilities including CFO, Reimbursement, Patient Accounting and Business Office, Controller and Consulting.
Attached are positions open and listed through HFMA's Exec-u-Trak Confidential Resume Referral Service. This list is sent to you monthly for your information and distribution to Chapter membership via meetings, newsletters and/or your web site. Because Chapters change many leadership positions, if there is a more appropriate person in your Chapter that should also receive this information, please let us know by name, email address and Chapter.
Many organizations are in process of finalizing their recruitment plans and budgets. We wanted to remind you of The Healthcare Financial Management's Exec-u-Trak's annual option that will allow organizations unlimited access to the program. This is more cost effective than individual ads or other independent actions, especially if staffing plans call for at least two recruitment efforts.
We have attached some preliminary information to review share with members and Human Resources professionals.
HFMA's Exec-u-Trak has over 2500 members in its database, presented more than 120 positions this year and continues to serve both members and organizations in the recruitment process. If you are aware of organizations that can take advantage of our services, please do not hesitate to have them contact me directly.
If you have difficulty opening any of these attachments, the list and program details are available at
Dave Kosteva
NDI Services
HFMA Exec-u-Trak Administrator
810 225-6239
800 252-HFMA x631 (messages only)

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